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Data limitations prevent us from looking at the effect of labor market freedom on the likelihood of specific individuals' recidivating.
This study contributes to the existing literature by testing two hypotheses related to drug court participants not recidivating.
Researchers found that participation in high school/GED programs was the "most common approach" to correctional education, and that those who participated in such programs had 30 percent lower odds of recidivating than those who had not.
It is important to note that when youth recidivated, or returned to detention, they were only counted as recidivating once and were removed from the dataset for all subsequent time periods.
The Urban Institute's estimate--using the distribution of offenses reported by Roman, Kane, Turner, and Frazier (2006)--of expected cost per recidivating inmate was slightly higher than our estimate ($49,123).
Pancreatic pseudocyst - portal vein fistula manifests as recidivating oligoarthritis, subcutaneous, bursal and osseal necrosis: a case report and review of literature.
The survival curves present the probability of individuals' not recidivating against each point in survival time.
Foley said that he would ensure that the Sheriff's Department is represented at every meeting of Dismas House and other nonprofit agencies providing services to keep former inmates from recidivating.
Ellis moving forward and not recidivating, either through another crime or a parole violation?
Similarly, the acquittee should be held responsible because of her conscious failure to avoid the serious risk of becoming insane again and recidivating.
37) Across a series of studies that employed various follow-up periods and definitions of recidivism, the rate of treated juvenile sex offenders recidivating is consistently below 15%.
And the money that's saved there, if redirected to the other 30% of the sample that's recidivating at a higher rate, really enables us to focus our resources on the right kids.
He describes inmates who have spent long periods in supermax units as being high-strung, irritable, anti-social, potentially violent, sometimes mentally ill, and definitely at risk of recidivating.
Consequently, offenders sentenced to probation have a higher probability of recidivating over the range of duration values encompassed by our sample.