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Overall, juveniles under supervision for sex offenses recidivated at a rate of 14 percent.
If youth recidivated at one time point they were not counted in the next time period.
Participants who had not recidivated until three years after release and might or might not have returned to jail afterward were considered right-censored observations.
N] ln[1 - G (t; x)] (8) where T is completed duration for the set R of individuals that have recidivated, and t is current duration for the set N of individuals that have not yet recidivated.
Among Wisconsin 17-year-olds sentenced to jail, 80 percent recidivated, according to a study conducted by the Wisconsin Council on Children and Families.
These efforts may successfully rehabilitate sex offenders who otherwise would have recidivated, and may also lead to the development of more effective treatments.
9 percent of offenders participated in jail-based treatment recidivated after one year following release from jail.
A study involving inmates released from correctional facilities in Oklahoma showed that the graduates of CTE programs recidivated earlier than members who did not participate in any of the educational programs (Davis & Chown, 1986).
An offender was considered to have recidivated if he or she had been rearrested at least once after the date of the offender's original conviction.
95 (a) Average re-arrest number at risk of upon release (b) Only computed for those that recidivated within the follow-up period (d) Only computed for those that did not recidivate within the follow-up period (c) Only computed for those that did not recidivate within the follow-up period Table 5 Pre-Prison-Based Hazard Models of the Criminal History Accumulation Process of Prisoners Released in 1994 in Arizona Lagrange Asymptotic Wald- p-values Multipliers Standard Errors [chi square] [[alpha].
By contrast, offenders are merely asked whether they completed their work order and whether they recidivated.
For those followed for three years, individuals who received job-related services recidivated at a slightly higher rate than those receiving no assistance.
On the other hand, Region 3, with the largest number of youth living independently, only 2 out of the 26 youth in the sample from the region was reported to have recidivated (.
Virginia collected data spanning over three years that reflected not only whether an offender recidivated but how long this process took.