recessive gene

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gene that produces its characteristic phenotype only when its allele is identical

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This means that both myself and The Man-in-Charge have the recessive gene, without having red hair ourselves.
The cause of the problem has to do with the increased probability of recessive genes being present in close blood relatives that present themselves as dominant genes that cause serious health problems in children of such unions, including cystic fibrosis, retinoblastoma, juvenile muscular dystrophy and more than 1,000 other identified recessive gene disorders.
But genome-wide studies have yet to locate any specific dominant or recessive gene responsible.
Most of these disorders are autosomal recessive: A child receives a recessive gene from each parent, resulting in development of the disorder.
Dr Voas, who works in the Department of Sociological Studies and has written a paper on the subject, said: 'Religion is being passed down like a recessive gene, it does not generally appear in the new generation unless the parents match.
It generally is agreed that the recessive gene responsible for sickle cell anemia evolved as an adaptive response to malaria.
Red hair is caused by a recessive gene on chromosome 16 and has high levels of pigment pheomelanin.
JEDDAH: A recent study conducted by the fourth-year medical students at the King Abdulaziz University (KAU) suggests a general lack of awareness about the importance of premarital tests and how they help reduce the incidence of recessive gene disorders, such as thalassemia.
Thus, in the case of linked autosomal recessive gene traits, F1 heterozygous males can only produce two types of gametes (the parental types) instead of the four types expected if recombination occurred (two parental types and two recombinant types).
A It sounds like an albino fox - when two parents carry the recessive gene for albinism, some offspring do not produce the skin pigment melanin, resulting in white fur and red eyes.
When both parents carry the recessive gene, there is a 25% risk of a child having this form of EB.
The truth is, most English people see we Antipodeans as a recessive gene, the Irish of the Pacific.
A male trout with the recessive gene was discovered by the farm's research and development team.
This disease hit cattle breeders particularly hard, because some of the most prolific Holstein bulls were found to have the recessive gene for BLAD, which could be transferred though semen.