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Synonyms for recessional

the withdrawal of the clergy and choir from the chancel to the vestry at the end of a church service


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a hymn that is sung at the end of a service as the clergy and choir withdraw

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Verses are from the poem Recessional by Rudyard Kipling which he composed on the occasion of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1867.
A proactive approach to business has seen Stockton car parts maker Nifco UK power through the recessional roadblocks and come out the other side.
Hovis boss Jan Goldstone, who declared the performance a "barometer for wider economic recovery", added: "We are seeing some recessional fatigue among consumers.
All told, the skin care market climbed 10% at chain drug stores in the IRI tracking period, providing welcome relief from the recessional woes of other front-end categories.
Recessional God of our fathers, known of old, Lord of our far-flung battle-line, Beneath whose awful Hand we hold Dominion over palm and pine Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet, Lest we forget--lest we forget
Bells are rung, harps are played: recessional music.
The other 22 papers discuss such topics as the problem of family feeling in her late fiction, her cosmopolitan west, recessional objects and her materialism, and her Lena Lingard and William Faulkner's Lena Grove.
The anomaly of old galaxies in the first 800 million years of the universe is easily resolved once you remove the assumption that red shift always measures recessional velocity.
The comedy was not overwrought, and the concluding slow recessional of Ariadne and Bacchus was a marvel of dignity.
About 400 people gathered at the Church of the Recessional at Forest Lawn Memorial-Park to say goodbye to Ormiston - the first of the crash victims' funeral services.
This latest book from Paul and Anne Ehrlich takes its title from Rudyard Kipling's famous 1897 poem Recessional ('Lo, all our pomp of yesterday / Is one with Nineveh and Tyre
In the last three years alone, three substantial studies of his life have been published: Andrew Lycett's Rudyard Kipling (1999), Harry Ricketts' Rudyard Kipling: A Life (1999), and now David Gilmour's The Long Recessional.
There also was soloist Robin Brown's rousing rendition of "His Eye Is On The Sparrow," which rocked the hall, and the Morehouse College Glee Club's soul-stirring recessional "Fare Ye Well.
This sort of business does well in recessional times," acknowledged Goodbar, a former medical office manager.