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Synonyms for receptivity

ready acceptance of often new suggestions, ideas, influences, or opinions

Synonyms for receptivity

willingness or readiness to receive (especially impressions or ideas)

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sup][2] Successful implantation depends on the embryo's quality, embryo-endometrium interaction, and endometrial receptivity, of which inadequate endometrial receptivity is responsible for approximately two-thirds of implantation failures.
Endometrial receptivity accounts for a successful dialogue between progesterone primed endometrium and viable embryo in window of implantation for blastocyst implantation.
May there be "a more generic receptivity toward the impossible," that men and women might return good for evil and forgiveness for hate "in defiance of ordinary causal regularities.
Service management of the nursery municipal the island that there is, located in Viale May 1 snc receptivity equal to 59 seats, for the education and care of girls and boys who have not completed the third year of age.
Ovarian stimulation has been shown to have adverse effects on endometrial receptivity and the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) is also increased when embryo transfer is performed in the stimulated cycle.
In consultation with the Special Olympics, which has extensively studied the challenges that people with intellectual disabilities face, Gallup began measuring global perceptions of receptivity toward this group in 2010.
And, the evolving nature of scientific knowledge makes it critical to look at the relationship between prior knowledge and information receptivity, lest the public be operating with archaic and potentially harmful knowledge structures.
The measure is called the Cultural Receptivity in Fostering Scale (CRFS).
Their wide-brimmed, cup-runneth-over flowers in pink, orange and yellow are turned skyward in a gesture of receptivity and thanksgiving.
Moreover, its success creates an atmosphere of receptivity for movies in which people of the same sex show visible [physical] affection.
Real White Matt offers whiteness without dullness, good ink receptivity due to its uniform surface, and smooth print image that is similar to dull ink gloss, said Mitsubishi Paper.
But I am not so sure that my "essential femininity" means that I am intrinsically more nurturing than my husband or that being a woman means that I have a deeper receptivity than he does.
Cantello's discussion on receptivity highlights an observation many independent music teachers wish could be passed on to some of our students' families: "Rushing around from one event or task to the next can make it difficult to be receptive to anything, let alone music.
While previous research has shown that receptivity to tobacco advertising is associated with higher levels of smoking among adolescents, few studies have examined how variability in personality traits .
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