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a line of people (hosts and guests of honor) who welcome the guests at a reception party

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Engineers will be attending the property tomorrow to connect the reception line and ensure it is on and working.
Sununu even went so far as to mention how pleased he was with the proposal when making his way through the reception line later that day.
Not only did the governor slam his fist on the desk and yell at the mortified McKnight, he refused to speak with him later when the two came face to face in a reception line.
Bean--from his 10-minute television skits to his feature films--is about the fundamental hunger to belong, the fierce need to measure up to the people next to you at a mathematics test, in a reception line, a church pew or on a pool deck.
The princess worked her way quickly through the reception line and then down the escalator to a waiting line of official vehicles in front of the terminal.
The Queen will attend the reception - with no seating plan, no sit-down meal, no reception line.
Whether standing in a reception line to greet the nobility or arriving at a banquet to honor a worthy person, although one might be tempted to dive right into the center of the event and thereby get some of the glitter to rub off onto oneself, wisdom counsels caution.
Instead of a formal reception line and uniformed dignitaries if was a gathering for families, with children tearing around the stately old home.
He may have forgotten that moving encounter in the years that mercifully intervened, but his memory was jolted awake at my daughter's high school graduation when he and I ended up in the same reception line.
We ended up in the room where guests were waiting in the reception line.
During a civic reception for the new Cardinal of Dublin, Archbishop Desmond Connell, Prime Minister Bertie Ahern, a practising Catholic, kept his current "partner" out of the reception line.
CB manufacture mixers, glazing vibrators, box tippers, unsnibbed bean removal vibrators, tippers, blancher-coolers, various styles of reception line, bucket elevators, carrot leaf removers, drum sizers for carrot pieces, feed vibrators, declusterer/snibbers, drum washers, vibratory graders, and length graders.
After the ceremony, Anthony and his wife, Marie, waited just before me in the reception line.
Taking Coniker aside while he was in a reception line, she encouraged his campaign to consecrate families to Christ through Mary in union with St.
It was very exciting and there was a reception line with all Elvis's friends and family from Memphis.