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If you use different units or test codes in one laboratory software system, but they are translated to a different nomenclature for use in a receiving system, then concentrate on these test case scenarios.
Metacontingencies describe a functional relationship between (a) interlocking behavioral contingencies (IBCs) plus their aggregate product, and (b) a cultural (selective) consequence displayed by a (social) receiving system (cf.
Building a bridge between these two elements is a custom-built resonating and receiving system of VLF antennae monitoring the local electromagnetic environment and the effects of the solar winds on our atmosphere.
Specialist facilities include a 600 tonne capacity quayside crane, 100 tonne rail weighbridge, a dry bulk rail receiving system, and a liquid gantry currently used for transferring hazardous product from road to rail.
In other words, the receiving system can consume and assemble information from the transmitting system.
Particular attention is paid to how power differentials between the source of a theory and that of the receiving system affect the translation process.
A radiation receiving system is positioned relative to the sensor region to transform radiation scattered by the objects to locations on the scatter detector based on the scatter angles of the scattered radiation.
The noise figure of the satellite receiving system is 5 dB, including all line losses to the antenna.
Specifically, Phase II will provide modifications to the SP-160 processor to provide added functionality and allow replacement for a portion of the AN/ALR-81 countermeasures receiving system. A VME (Versa Module Europa) tuner capability will also be developed to replace the current ALR-81 tuners.
The project was the development of an anode receiving system that takes semi-refined copper anodes for further processing.
Szeflin and his team, including process engineering and technology experts from supplier MagTech Systems Inc., were charged with devising a new receiving system that would increase throughput of pistachios while reducing total processing costs and eliminating non-value added tasks.
The receiving system need not use every field the sender uses.
However, when the IP network drops packets, due to router congestion or other conditions, the receiving system doesn't send an acknowledgment.
It can feature a receiving system that organizes raw materials, rough finished items or purchased parts and transports them to assembly lines.
"Given that the television receiving system is in good condition, households in the area should now expect to receive a good signal.