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money that you currently expect to receive from notes or accounts

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By combining early due diligence with close attention to aging receivables and using strategies like keeping backup credit card numbers on file, small-business owners can get a handle on their account receivables and keep their bottom lines healthy, even when customers are dealing with their own economic challenges.
A receivables line of credit, which provides immediate cash and liquidity, enables ABC to meet its monthly obligations.
Although the Service did not readopt the Black Motor formula in its original incarnation, the variation permitted by the notice's-safe-harbor method should prove more beneficial to many taxpayers than the lone method for determining experience under the existing regulations, albeit possibly at the expense of a substantial administrative burden (due to the receivables tracking requirement).
And, he points out, any major attempt to add fictitious receivables and sales will throw the books out of whack, which auditors will quickly notice when they apply their analytical techniques.
65-17 provides the option of either offsetting dividends or repatriating cash to satisfy the receivable created by the section 482 adjustment.
8 billion to purchase receivables within six months after closing.
Monitoring receivables also offers long-term benefits for your company.
NEW ORLEANS -- The Receivables Exchange, the world's first online marketplace for real-time trading of accounts receivable, today announced that it has partnered with Smyth Solutions, LLC, a leader in credit, collections and accounts receivable technology, information and outsourcing.
Issue: How will income from Peary's receivables be taxed if he contributes them to the new partnership?
Confirmation of accounts receivable has been a nearly sacrosanct auditing procedure for over 50 years.
Your business is amassing an impressive list of clients and receivables are growing.
Typically, the most important asset against which they can obtain working capital financing is their receivables.
The ratings are based primarily on the characteristics of the retail auto receivables originated by Chrysler Credit Corp.