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American Receivable has been ranked # 1 Factoring Company nationally for three consecutive years by Top Ten Review.
To discover problems in accounts receivable or inventory turnover you need an accurate balance sheet showing the current year and one for last year.
The buyer may still request deductions and make similar claims against the supplier, with those offsets potentially applying to future invoices, but the buyer will not be permitted to challenge the amount owed on the receivable sold to the investor.
The Tax Court held that the taxpayers could not report the portion of a sale of a partnership interest that was attributable to unrealized receivables using the installment method.
TLM Accounts Receivable was originally developed in conjunction with a major financial institution in Asia to meet a market need.
Nic Perkin is president of The Receivables Exchange (, an online marketplace for sale and purchase of accounts receivable.
That's what logistics professionals have recently discovered about their receivables operations.
Typically, factors require vendors to factor their entire accounts receivable portfolio--meaning a factor will not purchase the most risky accounts receivable without including in the purchase higher quality accounts receivable.
2010-20, a financing receivable is a financing arrangement that (1) represents a contractual right to receive money on demand, on fixed dates, or on determinable dates and (2) is recognized as an asset in the creditor entity's statement of financial position (i.e., the balance sheet).
In fact, a recent Aite survey of treasurers and senior receivables managers at large companies found that three out of five are dissatisfied with their receivables processes, and 54% are adopting or plan to adopt an integrated receivables hub within the next two years.
The nature and extent of an entity's credit risk within its financing receivable's portfolio.
ANKARA, Sep 20, 2010 (TUR) -- The receivable stock of the Turkish Treasury reached 25.2 billion Turkish liras (TL) by the end of August 2010.
One of the aspects of the BIG tax that can be a trap for the unwary is the treatment of accounts receivable for cash-basis corporations.
Second Savings backed Gamma by pre-financing its growing accounts receivable, more than 95% of which were from national and local government entities.
Achieving excellence in managing accounts receivable is critical to realizing and optimizing the profit and cash benefits from increased revenue.