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the entire amount of income before any deductions are made

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Floater Receipts, Series 2017-XM0569 'A/F1'/Stable Outlook;
Holders of depositary receipts, each representing one-twenty-fifth of a full preferred share, will be paid $42.
I Net Revenue Receipts [(i) - (ii)]###2,779,695###2,616,007###2,926,074
Provincial Tax Receipts (excluding GST on Services) 63,620.
75 for each receipt held to holders of depositary receipts, each representing one-twenty-fifth of a full preferred share to holders of record on 20 January 2016, on 1 February 2016; a dividend of USD29.
Cyprus indirect tax receipts for January 2010 excluding VAT continued to decline, with the January decline at 13% year-on-year to EUR 27.
This has caused some states to explore new tax systems, such as subjecting flowthrough entities to corporate franchise taxes or establishing a gross receipts tax.
5) Domestic production gross receipts are generally defined as the gross receipts of the taxpayer which are derived from:
Second, after subdividing gross receipts between qualifying and non-qualifying sources, each member must assign its Cost of Goods Sold to such revenue sources.
a provider of document management and business process management software for Global 1000 enterprises, has announced the new 170 MarkView[TM] Expense Management solution, which automates the management of expense receipts.
Revenue procedure 2001-10 allowed certain accrual-basis taxpayers to convert to the cash basis as long as their average annual gross receipts for the prior three years was no more than $1 million.
Agents should request, and underwriters should use, the annual gross receipts rate on any risk where the estimated annual premium reaches or exceeds $1,000.
The net receipts compared with net receipts of 8,995.
And try to keep all receipts, tags and store packaging.