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Synonyms for receipt

sales slip



Synonyms for receipt

the act of receiving


Related Words

an acknowledgment (usually tangible) that payment has been made

report the receipt of

mark or stamp as paid

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'Usually, if a receipt is issued from Umno's official receipt book, the duplicate copy of the receipt will be left in the receipt book.
Summary: Invoiz aims to bring about a conscious shift that promotes the use of digital receipts
Gatchalian said the Philippine Warehouse Receipts Act of 2019 or Senate Bill 2171 is a "win-win for farmers and consumers" since it is expected to improve the country's agricultural productivity and food security, while improving farmers' margins in the long run.
class="MsoNormalAlthough only 30 parallel receipts came to the attention of the auditors during the review of case files, more parallel receipts might have been issued since a receipt book contains 50 receipts.
'An inscription of the dealer/sub dealer's name coupled with the day of transaction abbreviated as 'Tue' 'Wed' with GMT time zone with year - GMT+01:00 2018 is also embedded at the foot of the receipt,' he said.
TESCO is trialling a paperless till system that could mean the end of a wallet full of receipts.
The tax lottery involves an approach based on motivating and rewarding those who are part in the efforts to fight tax evasion; people who abide by the law (they ask for the receipt) are awarded, in opposition to those who evade the law (do not give the receipt) and are punished.
Entrants can upload receipts using any of Shoeboxed's submission methods, including prepaid Magic Envelopes, mobile apps, and Gmail Receipt Sync.
Where a retailer might have to ensure a customer's card number nor other personal information are included on the receipt, a credit union has to make sure that account numbers remain secure on receipts that indicate a payment, deposit or withdrawal has been made to the account.
Wells Fargo (NYSE: WFC) has announced that it would offer text messages as ATM receipts.
Not long after the Cavalli bill had surfaced, this receipt from Emirates Palace's club, Etoiles, for a hefty grand total of Dh476,056.88.
The Anglican Journal is investigating a delay in the mailing of receipts to readers who responded in December to the annual Journal fundraising appeal, said business manager Larry Gee.
The Bank of New York, a global leader in securities servicing, has been selected as successor depositary by CRH plc for its American depositary receipt (ADR) program.
The piecemeal approach employed by Congress and the administration to enact legislation dealing with concurrent receipt of military longevity retirement pay and disability compensation has left many eligible veterans confused and bewildered, and it is adding to the costs of administering the program.
The appeals court held that a general ban on the receipt of clippings from noncommercial sources violated the prisoner's First Amendment right to receive information, but that the district court injunction was overly broad and violated the Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA.) The state prison had applied a general policy, that banned the receipt of publications from noncommercial sources, to the prisoner's receipt of magazine clippings and photocopies of clippings.