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reconnaissance (by shortening)

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Recce Chairman Dr John Prendergast said, If the world is to address the increasing threat of antimicrobial resistance, its vital that Governments, industry and academic researchers work together.
In June, 205 photo recce sorties were flown over the North, of which 121 were by USAF aircraft.
Recce has a manufacturing facility in Australia and is developing clinical research partners in the USA.
Staff Sgt Pankhurst, who was supervising the exercise involving Rgr Maguire on Range 10A, is accused of failing to "express any caution or concern" despite having attended the recce and having knowledge of the extent of the adjacent shooting on Range 10B.
Recce Limited has confirmed it has submitted pre-clinical data and related documentation to the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as part of the process for its application to enter human clinical trials for its lead candidate antibiotic, RECCE 327.
Contract awarded for 1 recce trip to Chengdu/Chongqing (5 days) and 1 recce trip to Lanzhou/Xian from 24 Oct 2016 to 28 Oct 2016 (5 days)
When I heard that CMMG was going to be producing a Recce (pronounced "reeky," which is short for reconnaissance) rifle, I immediately asked to get a test gun because I'm a big fan of the concept.
An advance team completed a (,,20395222_20998186,00.html) recce of locations , including the iconic Taj Mahal.
They also suspect that the militants carried out a recce of the area before carrying out the attack.
The terrorist named Hafiz Umer also confessed having done recce on the targeted bus and then changing his bloody clothes at Meerut Estate Agency, reported Dunya News.
Malta's Greatest Siege, written by North Yorkshire writer Paul McDonald, tells how Adrian Warburton was sent to Malta as a navigator and only became a recce pilot when someone went sick.
"One of the stewards said it was a French Army service and another said it was doing a recce.
After taking recce shots on my phone, I sketched how I wanted the final image to look.
But most drones aren't armed - they just spy or fly recce missions.
Col Clive Whitwham, prosecuting, said members of the battalion''s recce platoon, who had fought against the Taliban in Afghanistan, had been seething at being badly managed and 'not appreciated'.