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changing a particular word or phrase

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This means that the timing of the GSE payment of the six-year incentive and getting it applied to a borrower's principal balance, calculating the interest-rate and payment details associated with recasting the loan based upon the reduced principal balance, and getting that information effectively communicated to the borrower on the required schedule will require careful attention--and certainly enablement from precisely designed, tested and proven rules-based technology.
Casid presents students, academics, and researchers with an argument regarding the apparatus of the scene of projection as an uneasy and complex pedagogy in the formation and recasting of reality.
According to the publisher, the change was done in hopes that the recasting Thor would attract more women and girls to superhero comic books, the BBC reported.
This radical recasting of the concept of species in general and of humans in particular has now achieved the status of dogma, at least in the scientific community.
It was recasting -- I never got a sense of anyone's panic.
She was to pay particular attention to the FMF group's use of por/para and ser/estar and was permitted the following feedback options: 1) recasting, 2) clarification request for both meaning and form, 3) explicit feedback by calling direct attention to non-target like productions, and 4) metalinguistic feedback.
s recasting she needed to remain in Egypt, then by natural progression Jonas's Helen ends up no place at all--self-consciously pondering the plausibility of a myth that has come to circumscribe, and thus dictate, her being.
Some of the things a practitioner needs to consider when recasting to determine a business's economic earnings capacity and/or core operating assets and liabilities are:
He said: "The renewal of our public services, the recasting of our welfare state, is the great progressive challenge.
developed the new process technology--called ReCasting [TM]--that is used to rebuild worn and discarded polyurethane (PUR) discs.
Meanwhile, Washington reveals its undying love for this revenge fantasy by forever recasting social and economic ills as fiends with whom we must do battle.
She introduces a complicated pattern of thinking on modern concerns by recasting Shakespeare's motives, practices and characters.
These contemporary changes alongside the politics of identity have served to mystify the process of downsizing in the current global era by recasting the threat to white-collar status as a problem of race, ethnicity, gender, and/or immorality.
Multiplexes are a generally undistinguished breed, but occasionally, lowest common denominator values give way to adventure and innovation, Isnardon Lacube Redondo's recently completed multiplex in the suburbs of Marseilles is a lively and experimental recasting of a fundamentally prosaic programme.