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Synonyms for recap

a condensation of the essential or main points of something

Synonyms for recap

a summary at the end that repeats the substance of a longer discussion

a used automobile tire that has been remolded to give it new treads

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The site began to go far beyond the scope of just TV recaps, diving into movie coverage and interviews with stars and showrunners.
4 (tonight's installment will be -- you guessed it -- another recap episode), it will air six consecutive episodes, ending with what it promises will be a spectacular cliffhanger, then return in February 2007, and finish the season with, the network promises, no repeats.
The recap was so successful that two years later, in March 1995, the company finally undertook an IPO, selling 2.
We study common stock price reactions of 42 firms that proposed recaps during the period January 1984 to April 1989.
Recaps so far have occured during the longest peacetime economic expansion in U.
With the new 'Follow Your Team' feature, fans automatically receive full game recaps of every game their favorite team plays from the Conference Semifinals through The Finals.
Each Monday following a new episode of the show, fans will be able to watch three- to four-minute recaps of the previous evening's episode, as well as a preview of the upcoming week's episode.
The 2004 Virtuoso LuxeReport also recaps some of the most unusual travel requests received by Virtuoso travel specialists during the past year -- from outer-space training in Russia and test-flying a MIG fighter jet to constructing a basketball court at a luxury boutique Caribbean resort and having a top Parisian hotel sprinkle cut-outs of paper Eiffel towers on the floor of the hotel room from the front door to the window so the client's niece could follow the trail to the veranda to see the actual tower.
MarketAxess also makes BondTicker data available through daily recaps that allow users to easily review NASD-reported corporate bond trade executions, estimated volumes, and market summaries for both investment grade and high yield securities.
SportsTicker delivers instant scores, breaking sports news, statistics, previews, recaps and features, gathered by more than 850 event-site reporters.
The winning SOUTHWEST SPORTS REPORT entry led off with extensive recaps featuring highlights, on-site announcer analysis and player interviews from Houston Astros and Texas Rangers games that night.
SportsTicker will provide scores, news, schedules, standings, game recaps, previews, statistics, player profiles plus its latest statistical product, Hometown Report(R).
The company's Myteam Productions division will provide timely recaps of over 3,000 amateur games and even real-time audio and video coverage of many popular championship games and series.