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Research in human embryology shows that Haeckel's theory of recapitulation is incorrect.
The moment of recapitulation in Beethoven's sonatas can perhaps be compared to the return from a voyage to distant lands.
He argues that the movement is both a reversed and a subdominant recapitulation acting "in excessive haste" throughout.
25) emphasized its presence as a purely structural device to divide the novel in half and found it tempting to think that the recapitulation would have headed the second of two papyrus rolls between which a copy of the novel would have been divided.
Although the temperature cooled in the development, the mercury rose again as the recapitulation got under way.T here was rather a let-up in the sublime slow movement which gave the audience a little time to ponder what had gone before but that time was quickly cut short as the finale, again bursting with energy, got under way.A fine performance, mostly, but a little more light and shade would have helped.
The book is a recapitulation of the ominous lines which were headlined in national dailies but got lost in the exuberance between the opening and closing ceremonies.
"Organ-specific extracellular matrices, properly prepared, are serving more and more as the appropriate structural scaffold for the recapitulation of a specific organ's tissues.
In this recapitulation of the universes evolutionary thrustand humanitys part in itHoward Bloom proves to be a provocative even an inspiring thinker.
Josh wins the award based upon his article in Volume 35 (2008) entitled "A Problematic Alliance: Colonial Anthropology, Recapitulation Theory, and G.
Garfield called the company's latest spot a "cartoonish recapitulation" of Matthew Shepard's murder.
In the second phrase of the recapitulation, the motive of the left-hand melody is immediately reflected in the accompanying counterpoint of the right hand.
The state Department of Revenue in December rejected the town's annual tax rate recapitulation sheet, a municipal financial statement that the DOR must certify before a community can set its property tax rate.
But the connection that Monteverde does not appear to seriously consider is that both presuppositions were central tenets of recapitulation theory, "the idea that the child in his or her development must recapitulate the intellectual and moral development of humanity epoch by epoch" (Tanner & Tanner, 1990, p.
The context is a discussion of Irenaeus' concept of recapitulation. He says that Christ came as incarnate to his creation in order to redeem it, and he rectified the disobedience wrought through the forbidden tree in the garden by himself obediently hanging on the tree of the cross.
However, sometimes recapitulation occurs and the individuals regress to interactions found in the historical stage.