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The design also recapitulates the intestinal tissue-tissue interface, which allows fluids to flow above and below the intestinal cell layer, mimicking the luminal microenvironment on one side of the device and the flow of blood through capillary vessels on the other.
Such disease-specific stem cells offer an unprecedented opportunity to recapitulate both normal and pathologic human tissue formation in vitro, thereby enabling disease investigation and drug development.
The Duke researchers set up such a model using PC12 cells, a tumor cell line that originates from a neuronal phenotype and that can recapitulate all the major phases of neurodevelopment thought to be targets for chlorpyrifos.
Most mesmerizing of all, though, are the small keys that spell out and recapitulate the schemas of the drawings, deftly rejuvenating the coincidence of linguistic proposition and physical execution so prized by Conceptualism.
To recapitulate, the first polarized SUSANS instrument spanning Q > [10.sup.-4] [nm.sup.-1] range and capable of characterizing micrometer-sized magnetic agglomerates in samples, has been commissioned.
FEELING THE WAY Fantastic orchestration underlies tissue development; trying to recapitulate it in the lab is a daunting undertaking.
My main purpose in adducing Walden in the context of this discussion was to put forward Thoreau's idea that, where literacy is concerned, individual development might well recapitulate historical development.
I'm simply amused that (this book) seems to recapitulate the dreams of a century of clean-state reformers, in either ignorance of, or willful inattention to, their notorious failure."
Atom Egoyan's Sarabande, featuring Lori Singer, Jan Rubes, Arsinee Khanjian and Don McKellar, is a drama that tries to recapitulate Bach's structural and emotional notions in a narrative form.
Debriefing is simply the practice of asking participants to recapitulate the flow of events during a given experience.
While we have no desire to recapitulate the tortuous path leading to the issuance of the hedging regulations, we do, nonetheless, reprise our congratulations to the government for providing guidance to quell many disputes concerning "plain-vanilla" hedging transactions for which controversy had reached Brobidingnagian proportions.
The fact that allocation of resources does not recapitulate the medical logic has not seemed to matter.
The researchers took skin cells from MECP2 duplication patients, converted them into induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC), then programmed the stem cells to become neurons that recapitulate the disorder more robustly than existing mouse models.
then prograiruned the stem cells to become neurons that recapitulate the disorder more robustly than existing mouse models.
He stressed the need to recapitulate sacrifices made by India's forefathers in attaining independence, as well as the need to safeguard it.