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Questions about the recall can be directed to the Toyota Customer Experience Center at 1-800-331-4331.
You will take away practical knowledge on how to work with FDA staff during a recall, and how you can prepare for inspectional follow up or a regulatory action, and in some cases a legal action.
What is the process of filing a petition?Section 45 and 46 of the Elections Act requires that those seeking to recall an MP get the support of at least 30 percent registered voters in the constituency in addition to 15 percent in every ward.Both the petitioner and the IEBC each have 30 days to collect the support list and verify it, respectively.
Just because you take a medication involved in a recall doesn't necessarily mean the product in your medicine cabinet is harmful.
The Constitution of Kenya Review Commission draft in 2002 said recall could take place because of an MP's physical or mental incapacity to perform the work of an MP, or serious misconduct, or 'persistent neglect of the electorate'.
Selective emails alerts, in partnership with each customer's agent, to commercial or personal auto customers whose vehicle make, model and model year match a recall issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
Positive Community Impact - Weld county ORCGJP supporters will now have the opportunity to contribute, volunteer, and pick up ORCGJP "swag" in person at the Weld County Recall Headquarters.
Allianz's specialist corporate insurer said its Automotive Component Parts Product Recall will help mitigate expenses ranging from the product manufacturer's recall costs, repair and replacement expenses as well as legal defense costs.
The recall webpage gives details of recalls and warnings related to different items like cars, electronic items, food, pharmaceuticals amongst others.
In accordance with the draft version of this guidance, it has issued alerts or consumer warnings related to many products like Kellogg's Honey Smacks, recalled vegetables, romaine lettuce, This past summer, the agency released detailed retail distribution information by state during a recall of pre-cut melon associated with an outbreak of Salmonella infections, so consumers could better identify where the recalled food may have been purchased or distributed.
PIRG Education Fund found that recalls of food have increased 10 percent since 2013, with meat and poultry incidents soaring 67 percent.
"The recall situation over the years has grown in size, so we get a lot more of them now.
Institute for Political and Electoral Reform Executive Director Ramon Casiple said provisions on the recall process of the Commission on Elections (Comelec) should be updated, as the shift to federalism could result in longer terms for lawmakers and local government officials.
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