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(Meralco) has reduced its proposed power rate increase for January to about a tenth of the original, following a recalculation ordered by the Energy Regulatory Board of the unusually high electricity spot market rates late last year.
When a leasing deal is closed, you'll rest easy knowing that the space has been leased at the new square-footage number that was found during the recalculation process, earning additional revenue for the property.
The alteration in the plans requires recalculations to be made by Fingrid, reported the Finnish news agency STT.
The point of such recalculations is to illustrate how policies that allow class-switching, that encourage drops by students who are not doing as well as they anticipated, that promote incompletes and/or other structural features of the modern service orientation of universities, all can contribute to the inflation of grades.
Messervy pondered the issue and then made rapid cargo recalculations. Multiple tanker trucks were moved up from the Fisher load to the Bob Hope load--scheduled for arrival on the evening of Oct.
Not considering these factors can result in untimely and inconsistent documentation, a need for recalculations or reassessment, a lower PPS reimbursement, and a lack of early identification and intervention, resulting in later, more costly nutritional intervention.
The chapters are: (1) "Student Eligibility"; (2) "Calculating the Federal Pell Grant"; (3) "Pell Reporting"; (4) "Disbursing Pell Awards"; and (5) "Recalculations and Overpayments." (SLD)
31 due to stricter recalculations ahead of their sales to new owners, according to midterm financial reports released Tuesday.
Those recalculations, BRPS officials acknowledge, will not be completed until June 8th, and then the beard itself must vote.
The proposed recalculations relate to grants to private pension systems, Wirtschaftsblatt said.