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the act of calculating again (usually to eliminate errors or to include additional data)

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'All interim orders passed during the pendency of the appeals (including the order dated 13.12.2018 passed in Civil Appeal No 1095/2018 regarding reduction of fees by 20% as an interim measure) have ceased to be effective, subject to recalculation of fee by using the fee prevailing in 2017 as base fee...
According to the document, the total recalculation of the allowances to labor pensions for the length of service of about 90,000 pensioners of the appropriate category will be implemented.
But when you copy it down into all 11,823 rows of data, the worksheet recalculation time slows down.
- Real-time recalculation of marginal contribution of new trades and
It is possible to cover the difference arising in the result of banks' recalculation of payments on foreign currency loans by means of 3 billion manats formed as a result of the revaluation of foreign exchange reserves of the central bank after the devaluation of the manat, he said.
France is the biggest gainer from the recalculation of national contributions to EU budgets, and is due to receive one billion euro (PS800m).
He and his team have again taken their eyes off the Brussels ball and ended up being surprised by a budget recalculation that has been lurking for months.
He and his team have once again taken their eye off the Brussels ball and ended up being surprised by a budget recalculation that has been going on for months.
If there will be no extension, a recalculation of Meralco's November WESM bill may be undertaken in accordance with the ERC's March 3 order," said ERC executive director Francis Saturnino Juan.
Kudos to Meralco for earlier proposing a recalculation of the rates at the Wholesale Electricity Spot Market (WESM) that led to the alarming increase in our electricity bill for that month.
Following the results of recalculation, the average pension will amount to 4,554 som ($93).
of the recalculation process, and evidences of the Transparency International observers.
Recalculation of study statistics or other reanalysis of an existing study data set is not a replication.
"The cabinet had finalized the 2012 budget before the set deadline, but the wage increase imposed a delay for recalculation purposes," Safadi made clear.
The recalculation was agreed in consultation with the Livestock Auctioneers Association and the Institute of Auctioneers and Appraisers.