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the act of calculating again (usually to eliminate errors or to include additional data)

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recalculation of the two substructures (101/4 = flood bridge, 101/5 = dike bridge) according to the recalculation guideline: As part of a medium to long-term strategy, The state capital dsseldorf intends to upgrade existing road bridges.
But when you copy it down into all 11,823 rows of data, the worksheet recalculation time slows down.
It is possible to cover the difference arising in the result of banks' recalculation of payments on foreign currency loans by means of 3 billion manats formed as a result of the revaluation of foreign exchange reserves of the central bank after the devaluation of the manat, he said.
This situation would most likely mirror the recalculation of the January 2014 billing, wherein a significant 90 percent reduction was realized on the original increase, from the P4.
After Meralco's call for a rerun and the ERC's corresponding response by ordering the recalculation of the WESM rates, electricity prices dropped significantly.
lost by one vote after recalculation, while the Armenian National Congress received another two votes.
9m from central government, which has arisen due to a recalculation under the Barnet funding formula.
The US appeals court upheld the lower court's ruling that Microsoft had infringed a patent involved with selecting the date in Outlook and other programs but asked for a recalculation of the damages in the case.
According to the statement of Allen Moore, the department's public information officer, the new date is a result of "a detailed recalculation of the projected release date".
After receiving the signed order this afternoon on the sentencing of Casey Marie Anthony, Orange County Corrections conducted a detailed recalculation of the projected release date," the Daily Mail quoted Orange County Corrections Department as saying.
The recalculation is done in under two minutes for each customer, but the inflow of people does not stop till about 2.
Any recalculation of the funding is bound to leave Scotland worse off and Labour has much more to lose by alienating the Scots than by giving the Welsh a fair deal.
Hicks about money that the school district received for fiscal 2010 after a recalculation of school transportation reimbursement from the state.
It is the French firm's fully integrated MyWay navigation system with a 7in colour screen, European mapping, voice guidance, Bluetooth hands-free connectivity and live traffic information with route recalculation.