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Recalculating stars Academy Award-winner, Cloris Leachman, an alumna of Northwestern University who represented Chicago in the 1946 Miss America pageant, Zack Pearlman (Shameless, The Intern), Peter Gilroy, (XOXO, The Masterpiece), and Brina Palencia (Walking Dead, Borderlands).
The central bank of Kenya has said that the nation would plan its growth strategy after recalculating the size of its economy.
"Recalculating? I almost ripped it off the dashboard and threw it at a wall to recalculate it.
By recalculating and increasing total rentable square footage, you may be able to increase revenue forecasting, raise property value, increase net operating income by making certain that all tenants pay for their portion of the building's common areas, and better market your building.
has 60 days to do its recalculating and there likely will be more appeals by Canada.
B subsequently filed amended returns for those three tax years, reclassifying the gas stations as 15-year property under an IRS Industry Specialization Program Coordinated Issue Paper, and recalculating depreciation under the MACRS 150% declining balance (DB) method over a 15-year recovery period.
(See, "The Virtues of Value at Risk," Best's Review, September 2001.) The effect of insurance can be determined by first calculating a firm's VaR without insurance, then recalculating VaR with insurance and subtracting this second number from the first one.
The system helps avoid traffic jams by recalculating an alternative route at the touch of a button.
* RECALCULATING THE OWNER'S LIFE EXPECTANCY is another way to extend the life expectancy used in computing required IRA distributions.
After recalculating the missing snail's dimensions, and moving the search to an entirely different mountain range, the modern-day researchers found what they were looking for.
Through the code assignment or linking in specification 2, the system detects changes in the retention period before recalculating the destruction date.
In extending the life of an IRA, it is imperative that the owner, along with the spousal beneficiary if applicable, determine if they will recalculate life expectancies for purposes of withdrawing funds from the IRA.(17) The effect of recalculating or not recalculating life expectancies can impact the timing of payouts, and the wrong decision can lead to less deferral of income and therefore more income tax.
"But owners need to be very careful in recalculating so they don't wind up with a delinquency."
In case you haven't noticed, today's electronic spreadsheets do more than simple calculating and recalculating. The leading brands help you with basic accounting needs and financial tasks, including financial analysis, statistical models, sales forecasts and invoices.