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The SC had ordered to recalculate the fee of all private schools and colleges charging above Rs5,000.
If the limitation period has expired, the notice allows the taxpayer to recalculate the taxpayer's remaining applicable exclusion amount as a result of recognizing the taxpayer's marriage to the taxpayer's spouse.
The IMF has called upon Australian banks to recalculate their capital ratios and has endorsed key findings of the Murray inquiry.
* Recalculate your targets: As the composition of the Nigerian economy has changed, some sectors are now much larger or smaller than previously assumed, altering the addressable opportunity for different industries.
"The Council of Ministers decided in its session held yesterday in Thi-Qar province to increase the share of the province of electricity and recalculate the percentage," Ali al-Dabbag, the government spokesperson, said in a statement received by Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
Travel Leaders will increase efficiency through the use of Travelport Rapid Reprice, an automated ticket repricing product that automatically recalculates the price of a ticket in a fraction of the time it takes to recalculate manually.
VAT Converter enables users to recalculate net, VAT and gross amounts from 17.5% to 15%.
The presiding judge directed NYSDOH to recalculate only appropriate fees for AAB's member labs.
You should recalculate property square footage and building factors to know for sure.
"I'm able to recalculate my charges in a snap," Salisbury said.
FASB has issued a staff position that requires companies to recalculate their leveraged leases if there is a change in the timing of cash flows relating to income taxes generated by the leveraged lease.
The tribunal chairman ordered the Department of Work and Pensions to recalculate the debt over seven instead of 11 years and come back with a new figure in two months time.
Every five years, the Government-run Valuation Office Agency will recalculate the rentable rate of businesses.
must recalculate its formula for determining harm to the American industry.