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Synonyms for rebuttal

Synonyms for rebuttal

the speech act of refuting by offering a contrary contention or argument

(law) a pleading by the defendant in reply to a plaintiff's surrejoinder

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The Company in its responses dated 20 April 2015 and 27 April 2015 has provided detailed rebuttals and explanations supported by authentic data and information and demonstrated that the allegations made by Glaucus are baseless.
The McCullough Research rebuttal maintains that the gasoline price spikes in 2012 were not explained through normal market factors, because production and inventory levels remained high during periods of high prices.
The verbal volley came after a few BJP MLAs were expelled from the assembly by speaker Yoganand Shastri, following the first adjournment, for disrupting House proceedings with their protest against Dikshit's rebuttal.
LEGAL COMMENTARY: The court held that a trial court may not consider a defendant's rebuttal evidence when determining whether a plaintiff established a prima facie case.
The Reporter says that, "the Vatican finally mandated that Theological Studies publish" a rebuttal by Jesuit Fr.
In 1968, for example, the Republican Party recruited 16 members to respond to President Lyndon Johnson's message, the largest group to ever deliver a rebuttal.
If the lender receives an appraisal-based repurchase request that falls within the guarantee program's specific parameters, Coester Appraisal Group will initiate and fulfill a formal rebuttal campaign to refute the repurchase request--free of charge to the lender.
They found that it was easy to neutralize the positive effects of the rebuttal, simply through the use of certain photos or the addition of unrelated text.
The latest book-length entry into this debate is University of Michigan psychology professor Richard Nisbett's rebuttal of Charles Murray, Richard Herrnstein, Arthur Jensen, and other "hereditarians.
The government rebuttal carried by the New Light of Myanmar and other newspapers blasted Thailand for issuing the May 19 statement, which it called ''tantamount to interfering in the internal affairs of Myanmar.
Hold back one personal story or fact about the client for rebuttal.
In his rebuttal, Langston's counsel attempted to make various legal arguments about the principles of waivers, variations, novations and terminations of legal documents.
Said's thesis was that the Western image of the East was biased by colonialist attitudes and racism: this reconsideration offers a powerful rebuttal to college-level audiences, surveying misinterpretations in Said's original survey of scholarly literature and providing college-level collections strong in history and culture with a fine reinterpretation.
Therefore, when upstart Berkeley rap quintet The Pack confronted criticism regarding their footwear of choice, their Myspace page offered a rebuttal none could counter.
So let's examine the case for the defence, a rebuttal in three parts.