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Synonyms for rebut

Synonyms for rebut

to prove or show to be false

Synonyms for rebut

overthrow by argument, evidence, or proof

prove to be false or incorrect

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The Supreme Court --chosen by Chavez from among some of his more loyal supporters -- rejected the suit, ruling that the Constitution only guaranteed the right to rebut the charges in cases when the alleged misinformation was contained in an informational context.
However, according to the City Tribunal, the City did not raise this issue timely and, in any event, a taxpayer seeking to rebut a distortion presumption must merely establish that intercompany transactions were conducted at arm's-length rates employing Sec.
How gutsy, then, of Knight to rebut (just when the L.
13) The IRS may rebut the presumption, however, by establishing that the participation of the intermediate party was pursuant to a tax avoidance plan.
If the defendant can make this showing, the burden would shift once again, requiring the plaintiff to rebut the employer's evidence by showing that the accommodation of the handicap imposes no such undue hardship upon defendant.
This is the first time that a significant amount of power has been obtained from controlled nuclear fusion reactions," says JET Director Paul-Henri Rebut.
While condemning Anderson's decision, DARE supporters were unable to rebut his charge that published, peer-reviewed research indicates the program is ineffective at best.
The new methodology will work both ways, however, and tenants will be able to employ architects and engineers to rebut the owner's claims of conditions.
Kodak's new submission purports to rebut Fujifilm's evidence," said Fujifilm lawyer Bill Barringer in a letter accompanying Fujifilm's comments.
In such a situation, the burden will be on the IRS to rebut this presumption.
Meade of the Tokamak fusion Test Reactor (TFTR) at Princeton University and Paul-Henri Rebut, director of the Joint European Torus (JET) in England, say that deuterium-tritium fuel would give back more than half the power consumed in initiating fusion reactions.
Brown continued, "We are also surprised at the significant level of expenses being incurred to rebut our proposal, when the Company and its advisors refuse to even meet with us.
80) The ALJ had concluded that the taxpayer failed to rebut the presumption of income distortion resulting from substantial intercompany transactions between the corporation and its affiliates.
Where the building owner and employer have relied on data to demonstrate that PACM is not asbestos containing, such data shall be maintained for as long as needed to rebut the presumption.
The report of a CPA whose expert testimony is intended solely to contradict or rebut another witness's testimony must be disclosed within 30 days after the other witness's disclosure.