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Synonyms for rebut

Synonyms for rebut

to prove or show to be false

Synonyms for rebut

overthrow by argument, evidence, or proof

prove to be false or incorrect

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The prosecutor requested a sidebar conference with the judge and argued evidence of the tattoo should be admitted to rebut Gaines' testimony that he was not a member of a group that advocated violence against nonwhite racial groups.
Rebut was also the recipient of Fusion Power Associates 1989 Leadership Award.
It can be used to confirm or rebut key documents, test best or worst case scenarios, ensure consistent document redaction and issue coding, conduct spoliation audits of e-discovery, and to locate potential drafts and duplicates.
Gagnon repeatedly strives to rebut arguments that Via never made in the first place.
While the IRS will want to limit the value to thrift store values, the courts have allowed taxpayers to rebut that assumption and prevail.
The appeals court that the allegations in the complaint were insufficient to rebut the presumption that prison officials' decisions regarding the inmate's safety at the time of his death were of the type that could be said to be grounded in Bureau of Prisons (BOP) policy, and thus the FTCA's discretionary function exception shielded the United States from liability for the inmate's death.
It also would eliminate provisions allowing an entity to rebut the presumption that contracts with the option of settling in either cash or stock will be settled in stock and require that shares that will be issued upon conversion of a mandatorily convertible security be included in the weighted-average number of ordinary shares outstanding used in computing basic earnings per share from the date that conversion becomes mandatory.
That child could have lead poisoning and the landlord will be presumed liable--that's a presumption a landlord can't rebut.
An Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) found that there was sufficient evidence to rebut the "found dead" presumption and dismiss the dependents' claim.
Top government spokesman Yasuo Fukuda responded the following day, saying, ''The trade report contains inaccurate descriptions on Japan,'' and that the government will soon rebut these allegations.
I asked students who wanted to rebut items to turn in their rebuttals, with documentation for their distracter selections, by the next test.
CARACAS -- A ruling by the Supreme Court denying a journalist the right to rebut accusations made by President Hugo Chavez last year during his radio show Alo Presidente has raised fears about the government's commitment to respect civil liberties and has opened a fierce constitutional debate.
c) How may a financial homing company rebut a presumption that it is routinely managing or operating a portfolio company?
You apparently chose to demagogue Meyerson because you cannot rebut his main point: School choice deserves to be tried because the public school system is failing our children.