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a puzzle where you decode a message consisting of pictures representing syllables and words

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The plan fell through and Rankin said: "The BBC got hold of it for a while and decided they were going to go for Robbie Coltraine to play Rebus - an ex-SAS man who has been in the Parachute Regiment.
Here, the ticker is kept ticking by the friction between Fox, characterised by his colleague as a "soulless, spiritless middle manager from the most boring company on the planet", and the older Rebus.
it's less to do with his musical taste and more about how out of the place Rebus feels in a totally digitised world.
Even though “The Rebus Show Free” gives a nod to its historical roots, the technology is state-of-the-art.
Last month, STV said it "fully intended" to bring Rebus back "in the future".
The high-quality pigment dispersions from Rebus are an excellent complement to Milliken's Reactint polymeric colorants," says Russ Rudolph, global business manager of performance colorants and additives for Milliken.
But when a government minister is found dead at Edinburgh Castle Rebus suspects Steelforth isn't being totally honest with him
I loved it from the first time I tasted it, and it seemed the right beer for Rebus - though it helped, of course, that it happened to be stocked on draught at the Oxford Bar, which is Rebus's local watering-hole as well as my own
and a phonetic 'letteral' rebus ("A inta-ye age are.
Earlier this month, Northgate announced a major drive into the BPO market through the acquisition of Rebus HR Group in a reverse takeover that values Rebus at 150m pounds ($260.
And Detective Inspector Rebus is promptly removed from the case, due to suspicions that he and his partner mishandled the original case.
Interactive Sign Language Rebus Books are reading tutorial programs designed for children with learning disabilities.
Launched last May by health and medical publisher Rebus Inc.
Rebus iS, the leading provider of IT services to the global insurance market, has appointed Martyn Sutton as chief operating officer for the company's worldwide operations.