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He said the story comes first and whether it features Rebus or not comes second.
Still, it's always cheering to meet Rebus again, and a hint from Cafferty that Brexit is going to be a crime goldmine suggests more to come.
BARRY GORDON n Rebus - Long Shadows, His Majesty's Theatre, Aberdeen, Nov 12-17, 7.30pm, PS13.50-PS37.50, 01224 641122.
Asi mismo, de oscilante cabe calificar la posicion de Juliano, pues mientras que en 362 respalda la actividad de los agentes in rebus en el cursus publicus (10), y en 363 les exime de la incorporacion a las curias municipales, unicamente extensivo a quienes hayan servido en palacio, si hubiesen cumplido tres anos de servicio o se hubiesen licenciado durante el cuarto consulado del emperador, es decir, en 363 [11], conforme a las noticias suministradas por Libanio (12) y Amiano Marcelino (13), Juliano acomete una drastica e importante expulsion de agentes in rebus, al reducir su numero a diecisiete y hacer uso incluso de sus propios servidores en calidad de confidentes.
As with the other Rebus novels, there is a silent character almost more important than Rebus, Clarke, Fox and Cafferty: the city of Edinburgh itself.
As with the rest of the series, Rebus shines and errs, but his character and ability always comes through.
In Mortal Causes, Father Conor Leary, now something of a friend and mentor of Rebus's, asks him for help on a troublesome housing estate, "the roughest scheme in the city, maybe the country" (2002b, 18).
Ian Rankin OBE, 53, is one of the UK's best selling novelists, partly thanks to his series of Rebus books.
JOHN Rebus has always existed somewhere between the law and the shadowy backwaters of Edinburgh life.
We find Rebus back on the force, but he is fighting for his career - which is even more of an addiction for him than his drink and cigarettes - he has been demoted and he has something to prove.
IN THIS 20th edition of the trials of Rebus, Rankin poses three questions long on the lips of fans the world over: Is Rebus good?
DESPITE his character's unorthodox behaviour, author Ian Rankin believes that in some ways he and creation -- John Rebus -- are not different after all.