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Professor David Cowling, university pro-vice-chancellor for arts and humanities, said: "The decision on where to rebury the soldiers was very complex.
The MoD said: "It will be up to relatives if they want to rebury his remains and have another funeral.
Archaeologists are planning to rebury the pavement.
But Maher's family chose to rebury him at the Republican plot in Ballylanders cemetery, in accordance with his last wishes.
Ocean currents and sand transport are expected to rebury the ancient hardwood forest within a few months.
As the city moves ahead to build sidewalks in a West Newhall neighborhood, the water district is protesting the city's order to rebury its water pipes at a lower level.
They didn't allot hardly any money to help us rebury our ancestors," he said, "and we don't have that much to begin with.
He added: "If anything is exposed we collect and rebury it in the same churchyard away from the edge.
Ali was telling her story as she and a crowd of thousands gathered in Chamchamal town--70 kilometers west of Suleimaniya--to take part in a funeral arranged to rebury 104 children under the age of 13 and two pregnant women.
Authorities discovered the grave near Pheasant Wood last year and have just completed the first phase of a massive project to exhume, identify and rebury all of the men.
Ms Smith's estranged mother, who is battling the star's companion Howard Stern over the body, now also wants to exhume her grandson Daniel from the Bahamas and rebury his body in Texas together with his mother's.
More than 20,000 people gathered in Srebrenica, Bosnia-Herzegovina, yesterday to rebury the remains of some of the more than 7,000 Muslim men and boys killed by Bosnian Serbs nine years ago.
Native Americans want to rebury the remains, but scientists hope to examine further this enigmatic man to investigate the question, Who were the first Americans?
Defence barrister Jonathan Goldberg asked: "So your brother had his funeral and then you had to have a second ceremony to rebury the brain?
The highway officials said the road work will be suspended for several days until hand crews unearth the remains and rebury them at the Mormon Island Cemetery, which is on the border of Folsom and El Dorado County.