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the act of burying again


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The remains of his wife, Queen Elena, also returned to Italy on Friday for reburial with those of the king at the Sanctuary of Vicoforte, near the Piedmont town of Cuneo, a spokesman for the sanctuary said.
State lawmakers passed a burial law that protected Indian graves in the 1980s, and in 1991 they also allocated funds directly to the MIAC for the reburial of Native remains.
The reburial has ignited the worst political unrest the Duterte administration has faced since it took office last June.
The reburial decision has been approved by both the university's executive committee and ethics advisory committee.
Those costs allow the reburial to take place in a dignified way.
Like a horde of irritating poltergeists the human remains of the ancients have returned to harass us in the form of the reburial issue; perennial source of post-colonial guilt and undergraduate seminar material.
ON THIS DAY LAST YEAR: Final preparations were under way for the reburial of Richard III more than 500 years after his death.
The amount of information on DNA testing and new research techniques is excellent, offering history readers insights into the process, while the newly expanded paperback edition covers the 2015 reburial of the King.
KUALA LUMPUR (CyHAN)- Malaysia began the reburial on Monday of human trafficking victims, who are believed to be refugees from Myanmar and Bangladesh that died near the Malaysia- Thailand border.
Ididn't know much about Richard III apart from the obvious - you know, the alleged murder of his nephews in the Tower of London - before Channel 4 took it upon themselves to make his reburial a national forelocktugging event.
A NORTHERN Irish cleric will oversee the reburial of King Richard III.
RICHARD III: THE KING LAID TO REST Channel 4, 8pm This final programme in Channel 4's coverage of the reburial of Richard III provides highlights of the service from earlier today at Leicester Cathedral, alongside a live broadcast of a last moment of intimate ceremonial, in which the king's descendants gather to bid him a final farewell.
The reburial takes place on Thursday, but here Jon Snow with Krishnan Guru-Murthy, Arthur Williams and Sonali Shah bring us highlights from the procession of the king's remains to the site of his death at Bosworth Battlefield, through the streets of Leicester and to the service that marks his reception into the Cathedral.
In the case of the time capsule removed from a foundation cornerstone at the Statehouse in Boston this past week, eventually means either 159 years, if you count from the 1855 excavation and reburial, or 219 years, if you count from the original burying of the capsule in 1795.
Israelis dealing with a shortage of cemetery space, and a new initiative in the Etzion Bloc suggests an original solution -- exhuming the dead person's remains one year after his funeral and reburial inside an ossuary that is placed inside a burial cave.