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Rocco Panetta, President of Plastic Machinery & Parts states, “Servicing the converting industry requires PMP to offer a repair and rebuilding option.
Used to be an old myth that rebuilding a feedwater heater takes longer than installing a new replacement, or that it couldn't be done with the unit in operation or on-line.
The bulk of federal rebuilding assistance provided to the Gulf Coast states funds two key programs--the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Public Assistance (PA) program and the Department of Housing and Urban Development's Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program.
Nixon Peabody agreed to help subsidize a Katrina Legal Fellow, which enables a lawyer to be on-the-ground in Mississippi to offer legal services as part of the Gulf Coast rebuilding effort.
AFTER THE GREAT FIRE OF 1666, England's leading architect, Sir Christopher Wren, made a plan for rebuilding London.
Rebuilding, though, is going to take an enormous effort for these higher ed institutions whose endowment totals are a fraction of that of Tulane's and some of the city's other colleges and universities.
In RAID 5, if you lose a second hard drive while the first one is still rebuilding, you lose 100 percent of your data.
The property insurers contend that under the terms of the insurance policies, a theoretical measure for rebuilding time must be used.
Ishaq Nadiri lauded American generosity to Afghans, saying, "With US support, Afghanistan is rebuilding roads, infrastructure and security.
Both Kaplan and Park Nicollet CEO David Wessner believe they have just begun a process that may take a decade or more of rebuilding every process, whether clinical, physical plant, or administrative, in their systems.
And because of the work done to help the Oakland fire victims, those affected by the Southern California fires have clear guidance on many of the issues that face them in the rebuilding process.
168(k)-1T(b)(3)(i) allows the reconditioning/ rebuilding costs (but not the used property's cost) to meet this requirement.
Their story is not unique, and it illustrates one of the paradoxes involved in rebuilding a country as devastated as Afghanistan: With the country finally at peace (for the most part), reconstruction is tinder way, but for some people, things may get worse before they get better.
B) Should the United Nations be involved in rebuilding Iraq?
If only rebuilding the other bridges among the people were as simple.