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serving or tending to repel

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Though her subjects are often harrowing and rebarbative, her literary writing is beautiful and provocative.
He refers more than once to the baleful influence of such rebarbative fanatics as Abu Qatada, Omar Bakri Mohammed and Abu Hamza - all were ultimately deported only after protracted efforts by British human rights lobbyists and activist lawyers to keep them in our midst.
Under less rebarbative leadership the party could make inroads into Labour's vote in northern England and Wales.
In large part, this has to do with the deliberately rebarbative style of thinking and writing she adopted in the face of the political and moral collapse revealed by National Socialism (see Knott 2014, 15-29).
Such a confluence between Blue Labour and New Labour might seem appropriate, since some of the most widely discussed Blue Labour interventions included a rebarbative critique of many other staples of Labour intellectual debates, with liberals and Croslandites coming in for some particularly heavy fire.
Dans une interview au quotidien Assabah, il a ajoute que la Declaration sur la base de laquelle le gouvernement a obtenu la confiance est rebarbative, stereotypee et depourvue de toute vision ou programme ', indiquant que nous ignorons qui dirige ce gouvernement et son chef n'est pas credite d'une grande valeur '.
"Deliberately rebarbative," according to Nicholls (528), the term "autobiografiction" is not quite as dissonant as "autobiofictionalography," from cartoonist Lynda Barry and cited by Nancy Miller in a 2007 MLA address on the generic status of "truth" in autobiography (539).
a way of mobilising against ISIS "I know that ISIS and their rebarbative ideas and actions of robbing, murdering, killing, raping are a true horror, but I don't think the picture of Aliaa might change anything!"
Rather than the relatively cordial tone of the public session--which closed with McCarthy infamously winking at what was long taken to be a disappointingly compliant Hughes--the closed session transcript reveals a much more rebarbative and antagonistic encounter.
Or, dans leur majorite, ces experts sont ignorants de l'histoire locale, des langues et cultures concernees; ils ne consultent pas l'importante litterature existante qu'ils jugent tres rebarbative. Ces experts ne restent le plus souvent que quelques jours sur place (sur des missions annoncees de plusieurs mois), visitant en 4x4 flambant neuf des villages oo ils ne dorment pas.
Naipaul's racism, conservatism and catastrophism are rebarbative, but his extremism may serve as a useful foil for enquiring about visions of the future in contemporary Africa, at a moment which sees the various societies of the continent undergoing social, economic and political transformations whose magnitude can probably only be compared with the irruption of European colonization.
Like Fontaine, both Hepburns are associated with father figures early in their careers, the relationship reflecting the historical moment: After a decade (the 1920s) of women challenging patriarchal definition, it is not surprising that in 30s Hepburn relations between father and daughter are sometimes rebarbative; Audrey Hepburn's films of the 50s, a period of extreme social and political conservatism, provide a fantasy of the daughter unproblematically transferring her nurturing feelings for her father to a lover who is the father's contemporary.
He considered Cowling's "style rebarbative and his ideas sometimes perverse" but accepted the offer anyway.
The result is a modernist canvas that mirrors the complexity and diversity of the metropolis itself and is in turn mirrored by Chaudhuri's idiosyncratic style, blending autobiography, literary reportage, and personal essay and punctuated by a Jamesian penchant for the peculiar word ("rebarbative," "spectatorial," "studenty").
And if more proof be needed of the rebarbative, resistant spirit of the earlier period, then it is found in David Stevenson's essay which presents a new case for William Drummond of Hawthornden's authorship of Polemo-Middinia, a riotous poem full of carnivalesque subversions of geographical, bodily, and linguistic borderlines.