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to occupy or take again

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Other Income: Other Income in FY 2012 operating income increased to $97 million from $40 million in FY 2011, primarily due to commutation gains related to the reassumption of previously ceded books of business from two reinsurers.
Capital adequacy, as indicated by risk to capital, has improved despite the company's reassumption of some of the old Wisconsin Mortgage Assurance Corp.
The primary drivers of the year-to-date increase in shareholders' equity, operating shareholders' equity and adjusted book value were the issuance of common shares as described below, and the reassumption of previously ceded unearned premium reserve and related commutation gains, both of which were offset in part by loss development, dividends and share repurchases.
As a result, substantive reserves have been established for future collectability of trade and notes receivable, healthcare costs which had been the responsibility of the Alliances or their predecessors have been returned, as well as reassumption of risk previously ceded to providers or alliances.
08 per diluted share) related to the reassumption of transactions previously ceded to reinsurers versus a $14.
1 million from the reassumption of business previously ceded under certain reinsurance treaties.
Fourth quarter 2009 included the reassumption of one reinsurance portfolio that resulted in a net loss in other income of $1.
On December 22, 2010, RAM Re entered into a Settlement, Reassumption and Release Agreement (the "Agreement") with Assured Guaranty Corp.
The reduction in net par resulting from amortization, terminations and maturities during the quarter was partially offset by the reassumption of approximately $2.
1 million of unearned premium reserves that were received in conjunction with the reassumption of mortgage insurance writings, which MGIC had previously reinsured.