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to occupy or take again

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Other Income: Other Income in FY 2012 operating income increased to $97 million from $40 million in FY 2011, primarily due to commutation gains related to the reassumption of previously ceded books of business from two reinsurers.
64) The court rejected this argument, finding: (1) [section] 1918(a)'s reassumption provision "makes no distinction" between the two types of situations; (2) Nenana was the "controlling authority"; and (3) "in either case a tribe must present a petition to the Secretary" under ICWA [section] 1918.
Some are seeking the increased flexibility and reassumption of control in running a private business, as well as the ability to grow the business for the long haul instead of managing just to meet short-term market expectations.
His "put up your bright swords" should convince us of who he claims to be, as should his final reassumption of command.
Here Socrates's reassumption of the leadership position is perceived as essential to his very functioning as servant (to his student, to society, to his own needs to get his thoughts on paper and use these productively).
Here Birkin throws stones at the reflection of the moon on the mill pond at Willey Green, cursing Cybele as he does so, but each time sees the "inviolable moon" gather itself together in "triumphant reassumption.
This pressure may have muted the state's oversight of the AAAs, as stringent oversight could result in termination of the contract or reassumption of service responsibility by the state.
If the story's insight that neither of these two can wholly resist contamination by the other proves ultimately double-edged in implication, its broad reassumption of the juridical structure none the less succeeds in 'putting on trial' those who would lay claim to authority through the appropriation of another's suffering.
This technique of self-conscious, first-person narration is repeated throughout the book, in playful alternation between renunciation and reassumption of trustworthy voice.
While Penelope's reassumption of her proper role in 'Odysseus' oikos serves simultaneously to deny her subjectivity and to eradicate any need for her to assert subjectivity, Euripides presents quite another solution in Helen.
The reassumption was ordered by a Federal judge, who indicated that it would be possible to return the obligation tO LTV if "severely defective" administrative procedures in the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corp.
we see no explanation for the mention of Public Law 280 in section 1918(a) unless it required reassumption.
The primary drivers of the year-to-date increase in shareholders' equity, operating shareholders' equity and adjusted book value were the issuance of common shares as described below, and the reassumption of previously ceded unearned premium reserve and related commutation gains, both of which were offset in part by loss development, dividends and share repurchases.
83) As a result of this reversal of opinion, tribes who initiate child protection or custody proceedings in tribal court absent reassumption under ICWA will likely face resistance from the state.
These sections also discuss tribal jurisdictional reassumption (8) merely as part of the solution to remedy the ICWA's failure to address tribal needs adequately.