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to occupy or take again

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Afterwards, Naveed Ahsan took a long leave but the Supreme Court summoned him on which he reassumed his responsibilities.
On this Naveed Ahsan took a long leave of absence but the Supreme Court summoned him on which he reassumed his responsibilities.
Mubarak, 81, handed over presidential powers to Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif just before his operation and reassumed them upon his return to Egypt.
MOTORSPORT: Red Bull chief Dietrich Mateschitz has reassumed total ownership of Toro Rosso, after buying back a 50 per cent share in the Formula One outfit from team boss Gerhard Berger.
The Government of Oman reassumed management of the country's two main airports in mid-November after BAA pulled out of its management contract over the unresolved issue of a new terminal's financing.
Two more wickets tumbled quickly, and Glamorgan fell to 136 for four, but Matthew Maynard came to the crease and, in partnership with Jonathan Hughes, reassumed control.
This mix of gas and young stars reassumed the familiar spiral geometry.
This summer, BU president Jon Westling resigned, so Chancellor Silber has temporarily reassumed presidential duties.
794 winning percentage in 11 seasons as Canyon's coach from 1983 to 1993, reassumed command after a seven-year retirement.
Reid was most recently acting publisher of the publication, a position she had held since February, when Ralph Erardy, the former publisher, reassumed the position of publisher at Women's Wear Daily, HFN's sister publication.
He has since reassumed the duties of airport manager at Bangkok International Airport for MPA Security.
Ishikawa, who holds the biggest equity stake of 30% in the LTCB Research Institute, became its chairman, while Koji Hirao, former president of the institute, reassumed the post.
Chairman Mr Tom Clark, who reassumed the post of managing director after Mr Wright's unexplained departure in June, said the company was continuing to look for a replacement.
The Museum of Modern Art in Rio, a fundamental center for the dissemination of art in Brazil in the '60s whose exhibition halls, along with much of its collection, were destroyed by fire in 1978, has been fully refurbished and has reassumed its central role in the Rio art scene.
Domenici, who recently reassumed the chairmanship of the Senate Budget Committee, will be a panelist at the Entitlements Plenary Session.