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Synonyms for reassess



Synonyms for reassess

revise or renew one's assessment

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He also said that Saeed Ajmal has worked very hard and he had other tricks up his sleeve than just the Doosra and the PCB would try to get his action reassessed before the 7th January which is the deadline to submit 15 names for the World Cup.
BEIRUT: Renovations being done on the notorious Roumieh Prison are due to be reassessed Tuesday after a meeting of senior politicians where the situation at the country's detention facilities were discussed.
Across the region 53,3620 people were reassessed as part of the introduction of the ESA between October 2010 and August 2012.
Currently, 25 days remain for Djezzy to pay the reassessed taxes before it receives the final notice in accordance with the law to give an official response, after which legal measures could be pursued which would result in a total freeze of Djezzy's bank accounts and the seizure of its physical property, Beltone Financial reported.
The first phase of the Government's "radical" welfare reform programme starts later with benefit claimants starting to be reassessed for their ability to work.
On Tuesday, he was told he will be reassessed in eight to 10 days' time.
Whether that was mature or premature one should reassess and study and I think if it is reassessed we will find many weak points there".
He will be kept under sedation for the weekend and his condition will be reassessed on Monday.
There has been a backlog that has developed of families not being reassessed," she said.
My brother Wayne, a service user, has been reassessed, assessed and reassessed etc, etc.
Routes and aircraft type must also be reassessed under the new business plan.
And, those California insureds that previously elected to participate in the Multistate Exam Settlement Agreement reassessment process automatically will be reassessed under the rules and procedures set forth in the CSA.
SHCA's investigative work reassessed the last gilding campaign in order to make repair and maintenance recommendations.
The Appeals Division of the IRS has reassessed and tightened the guidelines under which it will accept settlement offers from taxpayers that participated in certain abusive transactions, such as reporting losses and deductions from lease strips or from inflated-basis assets derived from them or in intermediary transactions (www.