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Synonyms for reassess



Synonyms for reassess

revise or renew one's assessment

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We will reassess if these venues can accommodate at least 10 sports each,' said Ramirez, who discussed the hosting with presidential adviser for sports Dennis Uy yesterday.
The NSPCC, rightly in my view, have asked Nintendo to reassess the app and its security and safety features.
The European Central Bank (ECB) could reassess stimulus measures following deflation in the eurozone.
OS), a Norway-based oil and gas company, has announced that it will reassess risks associated with a specific type of riser following this weekend's gas leak at its Visund field in the Norwegian North Sea.
French Ambassador to Syria Eric Chevallier has said that Paris "understands" Syria's wish to reassess a cooperation agreement it was set to sign with the European Union (EU), according to the Beirut daily AN NAHAR on Saturday.
tells CNN that Israel was reassured by Obamas promise that he would reassess policy toward Iran by September.
A lot of people are looking to reassess their positions," Priebe said.
If they don't like the results, they need to reassess their expectations.
If you don't think business involves a certain amount of play, it's time to reassess using Donald E.
The researchers suggest that "in fairness to the consumer," manufacturers of these products reassess their accuracy claims.
On the other hand, schools need to reassess whether their current policies make the school environment a welcoming one for parents, the report says.
The Christian community, the Christian churches, have to reassess their own place if only to avoid that they become a major source of the inter-religious problem rather than being able to contribute to the solution.
It was compiled by Roberto de Alba, one of a cadre of 1980s Yale students who began to reassess (often to their professors' bafflement) Rudolph's legacy.
I suggest you take a careful study of the Ariel mutual funds and the mutual funds you are invested in within your 401(k) plan and reassess which funds best fit your risk tolerance and investment goals.
But according to the August 2002 General Accounting Office (GAO) report Environmental Contamination: The Corps Needs to Reassess Its Determinations That Many Formerly Used Defense Sites Do Not Need Cleanup, nearly 40% of the corps' decisions on DOD responsibility are "questionable.