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BEIRUT: The Economic Committees, a private-sector lobby group, plans to send a delegation to GCC states to reassert bilateral ties, according to a statement issued Friday by business leaders.
The Malaysian government is likely to reassert control over Petroliam Nasional Bhd (Petronas), a Malaysia-based Fortune 500 company.
Our aim is to reassert civil administration to be followed immediately by development in areas dominated by Naxalites for quite some years," Chidambaram said.
UNDER fire Gordon Brown will try to reassert his political authority today over claims his Government was "unravelling".
Barroso expressed his support for the preparation of a joint political declaration, which could be presented before the end of the year to reassert the importance of the relations between the two blocs.
I wish for basic American decency to reassert itself against the hate-filled tirades of the far right and to rededicate itself to helping the poor.
Mayor Nick Inzunza made the announcement to reassert that city funds are not used to enforce federal immigration laws and also as a statement against anti-immigrant policies being pursued in neighboring towns, such as Vista and Escondido.
Wall Street analysts said Tuesday's move is likely an attempt by Redstone to reassert himself in an operating role at Viacom.
Renaissance, Neo-Classical and Neo-Gothic architecture all attempted to reassert different notions of the rational.
Pointing to how prices in some sectors, such as the supermarkets' budget own-label ranges and clothing, had plummeted, Hayward added: "It is probably time to reassert what value really means
The challenge before the current government is to reassert that liberal tradition of secular government, where religion is allowed to develop fully, but in the private sphere.
Likewise, Newman analyzes runaway servants' and slaves' efforts to reassert control over their bodies, by re-naming themselves, and crafting hairstyles and fashions that either challenged subordinate status or may have "communicated a visible subculture" that stood "in opposition to the mainstream culture of those who owned servants and slaves.
To call on us to 'express regret' and reassert our commitment to the Communion is offensive in light of our earlier statements.
It is, after all, one way to reassert his own Alpha male status in the household.