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assemble once again, after taking something apart

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7) By stepping into the perimeters of a voodoo hermeneutic circle--a zone of orientations shared between practitioners "who serve the spirits" (of vodou, santeria, rootwork) and shared to some extent in the practice of those who serve the Spirit via Afro-Christian worship patterns--we may seek a countercultural creolizing vision of the world, one that, with its polyrhythmic consciousness, self-possessing rites of spiritual embodiment, extended ritual families, and agglutinating reassemblies of new source material, has navigated zombifying horrors of white supremacy and bequeathed soul musics that guard something of a "crossover" hermeneutics even in the most secular commodifying realms.
depend on what plank replacements or reassemblies will or will not
Thus, forwarding of IP packets can be achieved without costly reassemblies at CL servers.