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Synonyms for rearwards

at or to or toward the back or rear

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And almost two-thirds of parents didn't know that different car seats are suitable for different types of vehicle, while one third also didn't know that the safest direction for a baby up to at least 13kgs is to face rearwards in the car seat.
It is only this front end that differentiates the three vehicles from each other, being identical from the windscreen rearwards.
The car has four doors, the rear two of which open rearwards.
The 36-year-old from Dumfries spun his R10 TDI as he entered a turn and crashed rearwards into the tyrewall during a private practice.
Density of accommodation increased, provoking expansion upwards and rearwards into gardens.
When folded flat it acts as a centre table and it can also be moved slightly rearwards, as can the middle seat in the rear.
Borla Performance has launched three highperformance stainless steel Cat-Back exhaust systems, from the catalytic converter rearwards, for the Mini Cooper.
A simple press on the remote control plip and the electric doors slide rearwards, providing unrestricted access.
The longitudinal dividers in each vehicle extend from the front bulkhead rearwards giving two lanes.