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put into a new order or arrangement

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Town clerk Andrew Loveridge has been inundated with calls from upset parents and residents and is now desperately trying to rearrange everything for a different date.
NNA - Seeking to rearrange the present juncture is essential, Change and Reform Bloc, MP Alain Aoun, stated during an interview on Voice of Lebanon radio station today.
The Suit and Tie singer, 33, had to rearrange his New York dates after being forced to take to his bed.
there is a very clear message: we will go around you, we will deal direct with hospitals and local hospital networks, and we will rearrange your budget for you.
For example, you could rearrange "staple" to make "plates.
Because of the fixture backlog caused by the bad weather, the Welsh Rugby Union has given clubs dispensation to rearrange postponed matches for the same days as Wales' Six Nations internationals.
In such situation the news item published in various news papers demanding from the UoP controller to rearrange the missed papers carries no weightage.
Any library strong in either interior decoration or business titles simply must have REARRANGE IT
The Chinese traders were given 24 months from May 2008 to rearrange their businesses or face being sent back to China, the Botswanan newspaper said.
Rearrange all the letters except Z from LYONS and MANCIEWlCZ to get a very, very famous personality of the 90's.
Finally, he addresses the ongoing, controversial efforts to rearrange the periodic table.
There is no magnetic that at the distance of the moon/its attractive power would rearrange the molecules in our bodies.
Ruby forms during metamorphism, when heat and pressure underground rearrange the atoms that make up the minerals in a rock.