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Synonyms for rearmost

bringing up the rear

Synonyms for rearmost

located farthest to the rear

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The middle row seats are set slightly higher than those behind, creating more foot room for the rearmost passengers.
The sliding middle row means people in either the middle or the rearmost row can adjust the amount of legroom they have considerably (ideal for replicating that pop star limo experience).
The tight space means bags have to be stacked, but fold the rearmost pair, which are unlikely to be used that often, and the space starts to open up with a cavernous nearly 2,300 litres available with all rear seats folded flat.
There is even more room in the Grand Scenic with rearmost pair of its seven seats folded and with a quick release function operated from a button in the boot or from the touchscreen in the front all the back seats can drop flat in an instant.
The rearmost seats will be adequate for adults on shorter journeys while children will be able to make themselves comfortable on longer trips too, and when not needed they quickly and easily fold flat.
Once the hatch rises, you get a decent 560-litre boot if you're not using the two rearmost seats.
The bullet pictured here entered on the point of the mature 10-point buck's shoulder, traveled to the opposite rearmost ribs, and came to rest against the hide.
The march was carefully choreographed with Palestinian and Nakba flags in the front followed by a uniformed orchestra in the centre and torches rearmost.
That's because the rearmost seats are designed largely for kids and occasional use.
Slid fully forward, there isn't much legroom in the middle row but it enhances comfort levels in the rearmost seats considerably, to the point where adults could actually travel in them.
What name is given to the rearmost mast of a three-masted ship?
It is also hugely practical with the rearmost seats folding away neatly to open up 663 litres, which can open up again to a huge 1,789 litres with the second row folded.
For the next 100 miles, no one notices that dear ol' Dad ain't snoring in the rearmost seat anymore.
With all rear seats folded, 1,750 litres of loadspace is available, while with a full complement of passengers aboard there is still a respectable 232 litres behind the rearmost seats.
My problem is that the bolt is now stuck in the rearmost position with the trigger group and the stock mounting plate in place.