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arm again

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2015), Taban Ndeng, the chief negotiator of the rebel faction, denied that the groups were rearming.
We clearly see that Georgia is rearming to previous levels and higher" than before the 2008 conflict, deputy chief of staff Anatoly Nogovitsin told reporters
All we can do is keep pressure on our Rearming the entire Army and Marines with new rifles and SAWs in 6.
We hope that the violence will end swiftly but in order for that to come about, two things must happen: rocket fire must stop and the terror organisations must stop rearming," he said.
Hamas has been seeking changes to the initiative launched by Cairo last week, which calls for a temporary ceasefire and talks on how to end the blockade of Gaza and prevent the Islamist group from rearming.
He also said Russia would focus on rearming after the Georgian conflict last month.
Israel says Hizbullah is rearming and has an arsenal including 10,000 long-range rockets and 20,000 short-range rockets in South Lebanon, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon mentioned in his latest report to the Security Council on UN Resolution 1701, which put an end to the summer 2006 war with Israel.
WHILE I FULLY SUPPORT AND ACTIVELY encourage rearming our military services, I have a real problem with the cost of such rearming, especially when taxpayers are expected to cough up some $3.
It has held up plans to also open the country's seaports, but it should take that step too, once European ships and monitors are in place to prevent Hezbollah from rearming.
During the frantic days on the cusp of WW II, when the US was desperately rearming itself, there was much more latitude for innovation than now; it was a good time for all sorts of unusual and even fanciful new ideas to get their chance in the overwhelming crisis.
These new HDX cutters will further compliment the HDX rearming tool products currently offered by the Sandvik Smith/INROCK team.
While they struggle to find some purpose in American foreign policy in a fractured post-Cold War world, Acheson was presented with the simpler challenge of confronting Joseph Stalin, fighting the Korean War, rearming Western Europe, and stomping on the last flickering embers of American isolationism.
This presumption carries forward the (mistaken) conventional view that the Japanese had spotted their antiship strike force on the flight decks shortly after the initial Midway attack force had taken off and had only briefly moved these antiship strike aircraft below for the purposes of rearming them or recovering the first-strike wave.
Nevertheless, he had to reduce unemployment or he wasn't going to last long enough to begin rearming Germany, a public goal of his since the '20s.
Throughout Lebanon, about 35,000 Syrian troops have remained since the war's end to ensure Damascus' powerful influence over the Hariri government and to prevent the Lebanese militias from rearming themselves.