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arm again

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arm anew


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Since then, the game's been re-released in various guises, including the ever popular BC Rearmed.
Thus, Janet Flanner reminds us, sterile, weak, and emasculated France was "repopulated, and indeed, rearmed, to music.
The Europeans, whose troops would have to face a rearmed Hezbollah, need to deliver the message directly to Damascus.
THE LVF has rearmed and regrouped, according to security sources.
Moscow, which has sustained the alliance since 1990, rearmed it after Sept.
77), "Thus, at about 0920 operations to respot the second-wave strike force on the flight decks could have begun, had the torpedo planes been rearmed with torpedoes.
As soon as the pilots landed, engineers refuelled and rearmed the pounds 20 million jets and a second wave went in to finish the job in the afternoon.
Although the Soviets still wanted to live by our original arrangements at Yalta, and even Potsdam, we had decided unilaterally to restore the German economy in order to enfold a rearmed Germany into Western Europe, thus isolating the Soviet Union, a nation which had not recovered from the Second World War and had no nuclear weapons.
By then, they had regrouped, retrained, and rearmed with new and heavier weapons.
Cynthia Gersony, 41, of New York City ``has been freed by the rearmed Contra group that kidnapped her yesterday near the Honduran border,'' said government spokesman Emigdio Quintero.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The air fleet of Russia's Southern Military District has been fully rearmed with Su-34 attack aircraft, the district's press service announced.
Mathiang noted that youth across his county had rearmed themselves to such an extent that he feared for the safety of citizens as he feared the police would be outgunned.
The conclusion of the investigation suggested that Israel's accusations that Hizbullah has rearmed in southern Lebanon and strengthened its military presence are false.
They dispute my hypothetical assertion that the respotting of the torpedo planes on the flight decks of Akagi and Kaga could have begun at 0920 had they been rearmed with torpedoes (which I contend would have been possible had the rearming operation been reversed at 0745, as has been claimed).
Beijing would correctly see such a policy, particularly one that rearmed Japan, as one that endangered Chinese security and development.