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arm again

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arm anew


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Ocers entered the at in Mitchell Court and arrested one man on suspicion of rearms and drugs oences, and assault.
He said Hamas will continue to rearm and Israel's efforts to stop the smuggling of weapons to Gaza through Egypt would not be effective.
But she has a long political future ahead of her, most immediately as the junior senator from New York, and a responsibility to her party to concede defeat gracefully and rearm for another good fight.
A police spokesman said the move follows Jackley's arrest in Vermont in connection with alleged rearms and driving offences, and the discovery of the suspect package on the Worcester campus.
When the attack was over at 1000, "about ten minutes of work still remained to rearm the last division of Akagi's torpedo planes, and even more time was needed for Kaga's.
A "perverse sense of security" in the face of rising crime has been blamed for prompting Salvadorans to rearm themselves--this seven years after the count's 12-year civil war ended.
The sheriff of San Bernardino County recently decided to rearm his 1,150 or so sworn personnel with Clock .
Even if Webster's evidence is correct, that's a reason to negotiate, not rearm.
In relevant remarks late last month, former MI6 agent and EU foreign policy adviser Alastair Crooke said the cessation of hostilities in Syria almost certainly does not mean the end of the Syrian war, as US, Turkish and Saudi proxies are using the timeout to regroup, rearm and prepare.
Det Insp Ian ornes, of Hudders-eld CID, said: "Police investigating the discharge of a rearm at an address on Hammond Street in the Hillhouse area of Hudderseld carried out searches at properties overnight Wednesday into ursday in Crosland Moor and Fartown.
A court heard Gardner was stunned when told the weapon was classed as a rearm and he was facing a mandatory minimum sentence of ve years.
Summary: Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea said Monday the fall of the state would force groups to rearm, but added that the state remained his primary choice.
But a spokesman for Israel's PM Ehud Olmert, said the government was "not interested in some form of temporary ceasefire that will only allow Hamas to rearm and that will end with another rocket barrage on Israel".
The aim, Israel said is to stop Hamas rocket fire=20 into Israel and in the longer-term keep Hamas from being able to rearm.