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arm again

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arm anew


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Ocers entered the at in Mitchell Court and arrested one man on suspicion of rearms and drugs oences, and assault.
The spokesman said that police were investigating "potential rearms and other offences".
When the attack was over at 1000, "about ten minutes of work still remained to rearm the last division of Akagi's torpedo planes, and even more time was needed for Kaga's.
e presence of rearms ocers can be upsetting but given the nature of the oence we are investigating this was a necessary precaution.
However the 20yearold was locked up for four months after admitting possessing a disguised rearm.
A police ocer showed the Kelin K95 stun gun to Recorder Geraint Walters, who said that the idea of such a rearm being possessed by a doorman "lled him with horror".
It argues that the Farc would use the opportunity to rearm.
The government has refused International pressure to call a truce because it would give rebels a chance to rearm.
But a spokesman for Israel's PM Ehud Olmert, said the government was "not interested in some form of temporary ceasefire that will only allow Hamas to rearm and that will end with another rocket barrage on Israel".
Summary: Iran is halfway to a nuclear bomb, and Hizbullah, Hamas and Syria are using the status quo to rearm, the head of the Israeli military intelligence research division said, according to Israeli media reports.
Russian troops are likely to stay inside the Georgian rebel regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia for a "long time" and Georgia must not be allowed to rearm, Russia's foreign minister said yesterday.
It is possible to disarm alarms as a result of card access and to automatically rearm them when activity levels indicate that a building is unoccupied.
The scheme enriched Saddam Hussein's cronies, eroded sanctions, and helped the dictator rearm.
Our job was to service, rearm and refuel incoming planes from England.
The aircraft can also return to the nearby forward operating base or ship to rearm and refuel, then return to the battlefield.