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Synonyms for rearing

the properties acquired as a consequence of the way you were treated as a child

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helping someone grow up to be an accepted member of the community

rearing on left hind leg with forelegs elevated and head usually in profile

References in classic literature ?
Here we may still be hopeful: in the rearing of exceptional men."
The notion of rearing the Superman is only a new form of an ideal Nietzsche already had in his youth, that "THE OBJECT OF MANKIND SHOULD LIE IN ITS HIGHEST INDIVIDUALS" (or, as he writes in "Schopenhauer as Educator": "Mankind ought constantly to be striving to produce great men--this and nothing else is its duty.") But the ideals he most revered in those days are no longer held to be the highest types of men.
The phrase "the rearing of the Superman," has very often been misunderstood.
The thing was an enormous cave bear, rearing its colossal bulk fully eight feet at the shoulder, while from the tip of its nose to the end of its stubby tail it was fully twelve feet in length.
And just before he arrived back at the stable he capped the day with a combined whirling and rearing that
Whoever he was, I never heard of his taking the least interest in me or providing in any way for my rearing. But I do not find especial fault with him.
These were the questions of a home, a living, the rearing of children, education, citizenship, and the establishment and support of churches.
`It is a very good height indeed!' said the Caterpillar angrily, rearing itself upright as it spoke (it was exactly three inches high).
The mule was shy, and was so frightened at her bridle being seized that rearing up she flung her rider to the ground over her haunches.
They were in search of deer, when suddenly a huge grizzly bear emerged from a thicket about thirty yards distant, rearing himself upon his hind legs with a terrific growl, and displaying a hideous array of teeth and claws.
This going to hunt up her shiftless husband at the inn was one of Mrs Durbeyfield's still extant enjoyments in the muck and muddle of rearing children.
In the present study the Effective rate of rearing was found to be good in 9x3 ft spacing (89.74 % and 87.64 % in first and second rearings respectively) and lowest was recorded in 3x 3 ft spacing (85.83 % and 83.17 % in first and second rearings respectively).
The different factors responsible for a successful cocoon crop are mulberry leaf (38.2%), climate (37.0%), rearing technique (9.3%), silkworm race (4.2%), silkworm eggs (3.0%) and other factors (8.2%) (Miyashita, 1986).
In the open-field test, neither BPA nor NP exposure significantly affected the percentage of locomotion [[F.sub.(3,32)] = 0.271, p > 0.5] or the number of rearings [[F.sub.(3,32)] = 0.189, p > 0.5; data not shown].
In addition, when only saline was injected during a monoamine-disruption test, low-dose NP-treated offspring showed frequent rearing compared with the control offspring.