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a new appraisal or evaluation

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Men who engaged in reappraisal, making an effort to think differently about their memories, were likely to recall more positive memories than their peers, while men who used suppression, trying to tamp down their negative emotional responses, saw no pronounced effect on the recall of positive or negative memories.
Marrow and Caroline Walker Bynum, who have called for a reappraisal of late Medieval symbolic usage, arguing that the meaning of images inheres in the kinds of response they engender and, further, that these responses are often portrayed within the images themselves.
The anodyne account of his reappraisal of the Romantic is scant improvement over what we have come to expect from previous historical amnesia mills.
Even larger increases are projected for the next fiscal period due to recent commercial reappraisal trends.
However, Thursday's accident was immediately labeled a major setback for Japan's nuclear industry and seemed certain to prompt a reappraisal of the nuclear energy industry.
National contract notice: Reappraisal of the support to the tanzanian innovation system (tanzis) program
com)-- TechFlow Incorporated, a highly innovative services and solutions company, today announced that it has received reappraisal for CMMI DEV 1.
for positive religious coping: spiritual connection, marking religious boundaries, religious direction/conversion, religious focus, and seeking support from clergy/ members; for negative religious coping: demonic reappraisal, reappraisal of God's power, and punishing God reappraisal), and (b) given the number of comparisons (20 for positive coping and 12 for negative coping), I applied Bonferroni corrections, resulting in adjusted p-values of .
This work is a reappraisal of the history and legacy of the Black Panther Party through portraits, poignant interviews, and illuminating essays to reveal the grit and battle scars of the foot soldiers of the party, some of whom eventually became top party leaders themselves--and the undying love for the people that kept them going.
CONTINGENCY THE Government's contingency plan to deal with Brexit includes an urgent reappraisal of Customs and Excise controls.
other-blame, catastrophizing, putting into perspective, positive refocusing, positive reappraisal, acceptance, and refocus on planning) with depression in adolescents.
In this book, the author offers a modern reappraisal and analysis of Jung's theory of personality suitable for academic use.
Psychological scientist and lead researcher Allison Troy of Franklin and Marshall College and colleagues discovered that the controllability of a given situation seems to be the key in determining whether cognitive reappraisal helps or hurts.
Compassion training was compared to a control group that learned cognitive reappraisal, a technique where people learn to reframe their thoughts to feel less negative.
At the broadest level, regulation of emotion can be divided into categories of cognitive reappraisal and suppression (Gross, 1998).