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a new apportionment (especially a new apportionment of congressional seats in the United States on the basis of census results)

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In particular, my goal is to unpack the notion that the reapportionment decisions were relatively uncontroversial at the time and later.
The legislature of Texas has made its reapportionment map.
Together the reapportionment and open primary reforms will cause a major shakeup in California politics for 2012, and there is a strong possibility that the makeup of the Legislature along with its legislative priorities -- will be considerably different.
Holmes says reapportionment will create a surge in the number of states that will have Republican governors, which will likely translate into legislative districts where more "people are going to be less liberal in voting for Blacks.
Until the new reapportionment is done in 2010, Utah will also gain an additional seat in the House under the legislation.
After probing the partisan gerrymandering crisis, this Note draws upon the lessons of the Court's landmark decisions in the reapportionment era to predict the American polity's likely response should a future court decide to assertively police partisan gerrymanders.
Tom Ross, a political consultant to the group, said it favors a citizens' commission responsible for reapportionment, but is open to other proposals.
29) Among several "modern and progressive" features dealing with the legislature, he included "[a]utomatic reapportionment every ten years by the governor acting on the advice of an independent board.
To project future reapportionment, we began with the Census Bureau's projections of state-level resident populations through 2030, released in April 2005.
Colorado: In the 1970s, the League led a citizen's initiative to establish an independent reapportionment commission on state legislative districts that was approved by voters.
George Bundy Smith, The Failure of Reapportionment: The Effect of Reapportionment on the Election of Blacks to Legislative Bodies, 18 HOW.
Court-ordered reapportionment thus increased the political weight of liberals and Democrats in the Northeast and North Central, but not in the South and West.
After the 2000 election, reapportionment caused the electoral votes in the Bush states to rise from 271 to 278, meaning that if Bush was to lose a New Hampshire or a West Virginia, he would still win on the 2004 map, he said.
Last year, Vasconcellos issued a "13 Strike" manifesto noting how California has "become dysfunctional, crippled to the point of paralysis" by such scourges as a bankrupt state government, constitutional gridlock imposed by the requirement that budgets and tax increases be approved by two-thirds of the legislature, partisan reapportionment and the corrupting influence of campaign dollars.
The bug exterminator's latest stunt is to reopen the decennial reapportionment process in states where legislatures became more Republican in the last election, so that congressional district lines can be redrawn to produce a more Republican Congress.