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allocate, distribute, or apportion anew


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Carr, the Supreme Court ruled that claims that states' failure to reapportion legislative districts over decades, resulting in gross inequality of representation due to the enormously varied population of districts, were not political questions.
Centralized control within the Air and Space Operations Center (ASpOC) allows the JFACC to see the entire air picture across the theater of operations and provides him the facility to rapidly reapportion forces to supported commanders to account for the fog and friction of war.
39) However, population growth, shifts, and a reluctance of some state legislatures to reapportion voting districts and refusal to accord with the changes led to districts with highly unequal populations with the result that minority groups of voters were able to attain majoritarian control over the legislatures and congressional representatives.
The Legislature would create the districts, based on population, and reapportion them as needed.
One would subtract the number of votes obtained by a resigning lawmaker from the tally of the party and then reapportion the seats among the parties according to the new figure.
It produces data used to allocate about $200 billion yearly in federal financial assistance, reapportion the seats of the House of Representatives, and provide a profile of the nation's people to help guide policy decisions.
Not only does it have the potential to cut costs and better reapportion responsibilities, it also offers powerful customized and pre built data analysis and output tools.
52) Even though the state supreme court upheld the chancery court's jurisdiction, (53) opponents challenged the chancery court's decision in federal court on two grounds: (1) that the chancery court's plan could not be precleared (54) in time for primary elections because preclearance would be needed for both the plan itself and for the chancery court's jurisdiction to redistrict the state; (55) and (2) that the chancery court lacked jurisdiction to reapportion the congressional districts under Article I, Section 4 of the Federal Constitution.
It is my hope that we can reapportion the amount of journal space we now give to panning IQ tests and bad-mouthing tests in general for identification purposes to proposing best practices for specific children at differential stages of potential development.
Alan Korman, a county resident, filed suit in state court, asserting that the population shift and the failure to reapportion resulted in the dilution of his vote.
Like a face awkwardly lit from below, a badly lit room will look ugly, its proportions and tones distorted, whereas good lighting can reapportion space beautifully and to great effect,'' she says.
Since the contract periods are for five years and the prices are predetermined to be fair and reasonable, the government must reapportion the contract's interest rate risk.
Collins was similarly unable to force the legislators to reapportion themselves, and when the federal courts finally compelled the reform, the imbalance was such that less than 13% of the population elected a majority of the legislators.
The unadjusted set will be used to reapportion the House of Representatives and will thereby have some validation.