reaper binder

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a machine that cuts grain and binds it in sheaves


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The blacksmith's shop, horse-hoes and the reaper binder, pulled by a solid wheeled Fordson, are all gone because there is no place for them.
Tenders are invited for Supply of 04 Wheel Reaper Binder
Under various state government schemes like SMAM, RKVY, NFSM, CDP, Agrcultural Machineries like Happy seeder (used for sowing of crop in standing stubble) Rotavator (used for land preparation and incorporation of crop stubble in the soil), Zero till seed drill (used for without land preparations directly sowing of seeds in the previous crop stubbles), Baler (used for collection of straw and making bales of the paddy stubbles), Paddy Straw Chopper (cutting of paddy stubble for easily mixing with the soil) and Reaper Binder (used for harvesting of paddy stubble and making into bundles) were distributed to farmers as a result of which there is substantial reduction in stubble burning in Haryana, UP and Punjab.
Empanelment of Manufacturers/Fabricators for Agricultural implements such as Zero Till Seed-cum-Fertilizer Drill, Rotavator, Rotary Plough, Happy Seeder, Bed Planter, Straw Reaper, Laser Land Leveller, Power weeder, Power Tiller, Reaper Binder, Cotton Seed-cum-Fertilizer Drill, Straw Balers, Sub-Soiler.
Limited Tenders are invited for Limited Tender For Purchase Of Tractor Operated Reaper Binder