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Synonyms for ream

Words related to ream

a large quantity of written matter

a quantity of paper

squeeze the juice out (of a fruit) with a reamer

remove by making a hole or by boring

enlarge with a reamer

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Carillon Tower Advisers is a multi-boutique asset-management company offering a range of investment strategies and asset classes through affiliated specialty managers: ClariVest Asset Management, Cougar Global Investments, Eagle Asset Management, Reams Asset Management and Scout Investments Partners.
The Turborunner was used to ream the last 18 joints of liner through this challenging zone, re-establishing a 5 7/8-inch gauge hole in order to land the 4.
We expanded in our old building three times then decided to build a new 40,000-square-foot building eight years ago," Reams says.
Alistair Clements, managing director of REAMS, said: "We are extremely pleased to have secured this contract.
Ream first came to Bolton for a trial last month following the end of the Major League Soccer season and Coyle has at last been able to wrap up the deal, the defender granted a work permit earlier this week.
Ream is a replacement for Gary Cahill, who moved to Chelsea earlier this week.
Reams persuaded the county to raise the starting salary for assistant county attorneys from $31,000 to $45,000, which slowed the turnover rate and raised the caliber of the prosecution staff.
Reams, a retired teacher from Pocatello, Idaho, said her son had a good heart.
Reams was disillusioned by a perceived lack of action, although the Jockey Club is believed to have turned down the reports primarily on cost grounds.
The story serves as a sad warning to those who try to domesticate wild animals, Reams said.
One-hundred sheet count packages priced identical to a full ream placed at checkout counters in grocery and convenience stores for impulse purchases--the point of purchase display might be "Rick's Place"
Having spawned innumerable canvases and reams and reams of artspeak, the grid can be employed to suggest the limitless--or to delineate a structure of tight control.
As a result of the city's falling population, the state has reduced its funding to the city, said Mayor Dick Reams.
Herman's vocal co-stars are Lee Roy Reams (he atop the piano) and Florence Lacey, both musical comedy veterans who, though they aren't the stellar names that graced a previous and splashier Herman revue, "Jerry's Girls," boast plenty of showbiz pizzazz.
He will be desperately hoping that they defer his 10-day riding ban - June 3 to June 12 - incurred at Capannelle last Sunday, so he will be able to ride Reams of Verse in Friday's Oaks at Epsom.