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Synonyms for ream

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a large quantity of written matter

a quantity of paper

squeeze the juice out (of a fruit) with a reamer

remove by making a hole or by boring

enlarge with a reamer

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The varying input parameters are influencing the width of cut and thus the quality of reamed hole.
To evaluate the influence of single factors on quality of reamed hole there was chosen Central Composite Design with orthogonal blocking.
Total measured height of the cylinder is a bit smaller than reamed hole height, because the measuring arm tip radius must be taken into calculation.
Our goal was to approve the influence of selected parameters on the reamed hole cylindricity.
[21-24] Various papers establish that the benefit from reamed particles is the existence of viable osteoprogenitors within the bone matrix itself, not merely in the marrow, which is well accepted.
Macroscopically, the reamed debris material consisted of slurry of very small bone fragments mixed with blood clot, and was similar to those of a fluid or semisolid in consistency.
[13,14,16,17,26] Recent studies have showed that angiogenic factors were decreased and growth factors were increased in the RIA samples (which is essentially reamed debris].
The femoral head from the same patient undergoing total hip arthroplasty was reamed using an acetabular reamer, but bone was also harvested from the same femoral head using a curette and then minced.
The Turborunner was activated, and reamed the liner through the collapsed hole.
KEY WORDS: Tibial fracture, Open, Reamed, Unreamed, Interlocking nailing.
The incidence of open tibial fractures has increased because of motor vehicle accidents and war injuries.1 Although external fixation has been largely used in management of these fractures particularly in cases with severe soft tissue trauma, and has been coined as the standard treatment of these challenging orthopedic dilemma.2-4 Since 1970s the use of reamed interlocking nailing is begun in treating small series of these fractures with unacceptably high infection rates.5
The purpose of our study was to compare the results of unreamed and reamed nailing in open types I, II, IIIA tibial fractures in otherwise healthy patients.
We treated the patients with reamed and unreamed interlocking nailing according to the random table of numbers.
Once the chambers have all been size-reamed--in other words, reamed out to the size of the chamber mouths of the final cartridge--we can begin reaming the actual chambers.
You will notice that one of the cylinders in these photos is a Colt Single Action Army .357 that is being reamed to accept the .44 S&W Russian.