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politics based on practical rather than moral or ideological considerations

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En cambio, la Realpolitik consiente el uso de la fuerza solo cuando todas las demas vias para solucionar un conflicto se han agotado (verbigracia la negociacion y el arbitraje, entre otras).
It's tough to consider that in the exercise of realpolitik we became like everyone else, self-interested and amoral to the point of helping to gas kids.
Scott illustrates Aidid's brand of realpolitik when his troops brazenly, and in front of a U.
Bush--Colin Powell, Donald Rumsfeld, and Condoleezza Rice--talks prudently about the virtues of globalization but may wind up practicing a tough realpolitik on topics preferably of its own choosing but most likely on an agenda that from policy-forcing events.
Obviously, if we were any other nation in the world, realpolitik would rule and therefore it would be incredibly easy for us to make our decisions based on U.
Ashmore's "State Terrorism and its Sponsors," James A Graff's "Targeting Children: Rights versus Realpolitik," and Erin McKenna's "Land, Property, and Occupation: A Question of Political Philosophy," are all wellwritten, well-reasoned reminders that, occasionally, things are as they seem: Israel is as Israel does.
It's a time for realpolitik, not starry-eyed idealism.
This stance is admirable, but Minkowitz is so moved by the power of her insights that she stops short of integrating them with a realpolitik strategy for dealing with the organized antigay right.
The selections, moreover, indicate careful attention to global Realpolitik, strikingly evident in the inclusion of writings by the "Nova Scotian" black community in Sierra Leone.
Moreover, contrary to prevailing assumptions, that strategic culture adheres rather closely to the assumptions of Western "hard" Realpolitik, which Johnston terms "the parabellum paradigm" (from si pacem parabellum--"if you want peace, prepare for war"); that is, war is a constant, all-or-nothing struggle, in which there is no substitute for military victory.
A more realpolitik version sees Africa as an important market and source of raw materials for South Africa.
If we are seduced by the debased religion of Realpolitik, we have already succumbed to the threat; if, from the slaughter of the six million, Jewish casuistry asserts our right to become the agents of universal destruction--and all in the name of the slogan "Never again
Each passing week makes it easier for practitioners of Realpolitik to write off Haitian democracy as a lost cause.
Unhappily, administrations of both parties have, in the postwar era, been willing to overlook varying degrees of suppression of press freedom on the part of friendly governments - from Great Britain and Chile to South Korea and Liberia - as the price of doing business in the world of realpolitik .
Realpolitik -- What is the right foreign Policy Mix for the 21st Century?