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one that exists independently

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We always wanted to do well with Young Enterprise, but to do as well as we did is really something else," he said.
Then we can hear some rustling in the trees But it's only a sheep having a pee Though it's not really something we wanted to see.
EMMERDALE (7pm ITV) DOMESTIC violence between brother and sister isn't really something you hear about - not even in soaps - and it's interesting that Emmerdale has chosen someone as strong and assertive as Megan to be on the receiving end of Declan's temper.
I just always have to be sure it's really something I want.
Their rendition of Yellow River was really something to behold.
Fellow sleep out participant Sam McKinnon said: "It was really cold and not really something I would want to face every day.
It's not really something I've thought too much about.
It is really something different, it is an evolution of what I have done previously and a taste of what is to come.
It was really something special to meet these people who are involved with charities.
Is becoming the very last state in the United States to provide public kindergarten to all children--in the ninth year of the 21st century, no less really something to celebrate?
Lionel told her: "You London girls are really something," as they chatted at Capital's Summertime Ball in London's Emirates Stadium.
But is it really something to be admired without analysis, criticism, or perspective?
Is a figure in the lower 30s really something to crow about?
It's not really something that my two have ever gone through though, but I think my advice would be to wait and see if it is something he grows out of himself.
Hamilton said: "It's not really something I want to comment on.