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a share that has been allocated again

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a new apportionment (especially a new apportionment of congressional seats in the United States on the basis of census results)

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TDSL will therefore optimize its personnel headcount by implementing a personnel reallocation and early retirement incentive program, and offering outplacement support.
The parliamentary leaders will consider the reallocation of seats of the National Assembly in accordance with the provisional results of the Census 2017, says a notice issued by the National Assembly Secretariat.
The local market will likely give up some of the gains this year that resulted from global reallocation of portfolios toward emerging markets and eventually find footing at lower valuations that are bottom up driven and supported by corporate earnings,' Oyson said.
To fill these gaps, this article documents the dynamic evolution of job reallocation across Korean firms from 1985 to 2013.
Many factors contributed to the decline in job and worker reallocation rates, among them a shift to older companies, an aging workforce, changing business models and supply chains, the effects of the information revolution on hiring, and government policies.
Hathaway and Litan also measure business dynamism through job reallocation over the same 34year span.
We measure the relative importance of aggregate, sectoral, and idiosyncratic effects for time variation in job creation, destruction, and reallocation.
Economists often argue for markets in spectrum reallocation so that spectrum currently used for radio or television can be sold for more valuable mobile communication use (for example, see Jerry Ellig, "Costs and Consequences," Fall 2005).
The additional stock may lead to farms exceeding their milk quota and they can now apply for a reallocation to offset some of the difference.
The reallocation of unused spectrum to meet new communication needs is timely.
Reallocation is very similar to rezoning a section of a city and forcibly relocating its residents.
Australian Power and Gas entered into an ex ante reallocation agreement with Macquarie that will significantly reduce the cash required for the company to meet its settlement obligations to the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).
In April, the programme management committee in Poland approved reallocation of the funds to road projects.
Moreover, the weakness of the recovery in real output and the slow rate of worker reallocation are likely to keep unemployment from declining to pre-recession levels any time soon.
The measurement of worker reallocation is important to economists for a number of reasons.